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# AUTOGENERATED! DO NOT EDIT! File to edit: nbs/16_callback.progress.ipynb (unless otherwise specified).
__all__ = ['ProgressCallback', 'no_bar', 'ShowGraphCallback', 'CSVLogger']
# Cell
from ..basics import *
# Cell
class ProgressCallback(Callback):
"A `Callback` to handle the display of progress bars"
def begin_fit(self):
assert hasattr(self.learn, 'recorder')
if self.create_mbar: self.mbar = master_bar(list(range(self.n_epoch)))
if self.learn.logger != noop:
self.old_logger,self.learn.logger = self.logger,self._write_stats
else: self.old_logger = noop
def begin_epoch(self):
if getattr(self, 'mbar', False): self.mbar.update(self.epoch)
def begin_train(self): self._launch_pbar()
def begin_validate(self): self._launch_pbar()
def after_train(self): self.pbar.on_iter_end()
def after_validate(self): self.pbar.on_iter_end()
def after_batch(self):
if hasattr(self, 'smooth_loss'): self.pbar.comment = f'{self.smooth_loss:.4f}'
def _launch_pbar(self):
self.pbar = progress_bar(self.dl, parent=getattr(self, 'mbar', None), leave=False)
def after_fit(self):
if getattr(self, 'mbar', False):
delattr(self, 'mbar')
self.learn.logger = self.old_logger
def _write_stats(self, log):
if getattr(self, 'mbar', False): self.mbar.write([f'{l:.6f}' if isinstance(l, float) else str(l) for l in log], table=True)
_docs = dict(begin_fit="Setup the master bar over the epochs",
begin_epoch="Update the master bar",
begin_train="Launch a progress bar over the training dataloader",
begin_validate="Launch a progress bar over the validation dataloader",
after_train="Close the progress bar over the training dataloader",
after_validate="Close the progress bar over the validation dataloader",
after_batch="Update the current progress bar",
after_fit="Close the master bar")
defaults.callbacks = [TrainEvalCallback, Recorder, ProgressCallback]
# Cell
def no_bar(self:Learner):
"Context manager that deactivates the use of progress bars"
has_progress = hasattr(self, 'progress')
if has_progress: self.remove_cb(self.progress)
yield self
if has_progress: self.add_cb(ProgressCallback())
# Cell
class ShowGraphCallback(Callback):
"Update a graph of training and validation loss"
def begin_fit(self): = not hasattr(self.learn, 'lr_finder') and not hasattr(self, "gather_preds")
self.nb_batches = []
assert hasattr(self.learn, 'progress')
def after_train(self): self.nb_batches.append(self.train_iter)
def after_epoch(self):
"Plot validation loss in the pbar graph"
rec = self.learn.recorder
iters = range_of(rec.losses)
val_losses = [v[1] for v in rec.values]
x_bounds = (0, (self.n_epoch - len(self.nb_batches)) * self.nb_batches[0] + len(rec.losses))
y_bounds = (0, max((max(Tensor(rec.losses)), max(Tensor(val_losses)))))
self.progress.mbar.update_graph([(iters, rec.losses), (self.nb_batches, val_losses)], x_bounds, y_bounds)
# Cell
class CSVLogger(Callback):
"Log the results displayed in `learn.path/fname`"
def __init__(self, fname='history.csv', append=False):
self.fname,self.append = Path(fname),append
def read_log(self):
"Convenience method to quickly access the log."
return pd.read_csv(self.path/self.fname)
def begin_fit(self):
"Prepare file with metric names."
self.path.parent.mkdir(parents=True, exist_ok=True)
self.file = (self.path/self.fname).open('a' if self.append else 'w')
self.file.write(','.join(self.recorder.metric_names) + '\n')
self.old_logger,self.learn.logger = self.logger,self._write_line
def _write_line(self, log):
"Write a line with `log` and call the old logger."
self.file.write(','.join([str(t) for t in log]) + '\n')
def after_fit(self):
"Close the file and clean up."
self.learn.logger = self.old_logger
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