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# AUTOGENERATED! DO NOT EDIT! File to edit: nbs/33_text.models.core.ipynb (unless otherwise specified).
__all__ = ['LinearDecoder', 'SequentialRNN', 'get_language_model', 'SentenceEncoder', 'masked_concat_pool',
'PoolingLinearClassifier', 'get_text_classifier']
# Cell
from import *
from ..core import *
from .awdlstm import *
# Cell
_model_meta = {AWD_LSTM: {'hid_name':'emb_sz', 'url':URLs.WT103_FWD, 'url_bwd':URLs.WT103_BWD,
'config_lm':awd_lstm_lm_config, 'split_lm': awd_lstm_lm_split,
'config_clas':awd_lstm_clas_config, 'split_clas': awd_lstm_clas_split},
AWD_QRNN: {'hid_name':'emb_sz',
'config_lm':awd_qrnn_lm_config, 'split_lm': awd_lstm_lm_split,
'config_clas':awd_qrnn_clas_config, 'split_clas': awd_lstm_clas_split},}
# Transformer: {'hid_name':'d_model', 'url':URLs.OPENAI_TRANSFORMER,
# 'config_lm':tfmer_lm_config, 'split_lm': tfmer_lm_split,
# 'config_clas':tfmer_clas_config, 'split_clas': tfmer_clas_split},
# TransformerXL: {'hid_name':'d_model',
# 'config_lm':tfmerXL_lm_config, 'split_lm': tfmerXL_lm_split,
# 'config_clas':tfmerXL_clas_config, 'split_clas': tfmerXL_clas_split}}
# Cell
class LinearDecoder(Module):
"To go on top of a RNNCore module and create a Language Model."
def __init__(self, n_out, n_hid, output_p=0.1, tie_encoder=None, bias=True):
self.decoder = nn.Linear(n_hid, n_out, bias=bias), self.initrange)
self.output_dp = RNNDropout(output_p)
if bias:
if tie_encoder: self.decoder.weight = tie_encoder.weight
def forward(self, input):
dp_inp = self.output_dp(input)
return self.decoder(dp_inp), input, dp_inp
# Cell
class SequentialRNN(nn.Sequential):
"A sequential module that passes the reset call to its children."
def reset(self):
for c in self.children(): getattr(c, 'reset', noop)()
# Cell
def get_language_model(arch, vocab_sz, config=None, drop_mult=1.):
"Create a language model from `arch` and its `config`."
meta = _model_meta[arch]
config = ifnone(config, meta['config_lm']).copy()
for k in config.keys():
if k.endswith('_p'): config[k] *= drop_mult
tie_weights,output_p,out_bias = map(config.pop, ['tie_weights', 'output_p', 'out_bias'])
init = config.pop('init') if 'init' in config else None
encoder = arch(vocab_sz, **config)
enc = encoder.encoder if tie_weights else None
decoder = LinearDecoder(vocab_sz, config[meta['hid_name']], output_p, tie_encoder=enc, bias=out_bias)
model = SequentialRNN(encoder, decoder)
return model if init is None else model.apply(init)
# Cell
def _pad_tensor(t, bs):
if t.size(0) < bs: return[t, t.new_zeros(bs-t.size(0), *t.shape[1:])])
return t
# Cell
class SentenceEncoder(Module):
"Create an encoder over `module` that can process a full sentence."
def __init__(self, bptt, module, pad_idx=1, max_len=None): store_attr(self, 'bptt,module,pad_idx,max_len')
def _concat(self, ts, bs):
bs,sl = ts[0].shape[0],sum([t.shape[1] for t in ts])
res = ts[0].new_zeros(bs, sl, *ts[0].shape[2:])
ts,xtra = (ts[:sz],ts[sz]) if len(ts) > sz else (ts,None)
for i,j in enumerate(idxs):
c =[t[i] for t in ts[j:] if t.shape[0] > i] + [t[i] for t in ts[:j] if t.shape[0] > i] +
([] if xtra is None or xtra.shape[0] <= i else [xtra[i]]))
res[i,:c.shape[0]] = c
return res
def reset(self): getattr(self.module, 'reset', noop)()
def forward(self, input):
bs,sl = input.size()
mask = input == self.pad_idx
outs,masks = [],[]
for i in range(0, sl, self.bptt):
#Note: this expects that sequence really begins on a round multiple of bptt
real_bs = (input[:,i] != self.pad_idx).long().sum()
o = self.module(input[:real_bs,i: min(i+self.bptt, sl)])
if self.max_len is None or sl-i <= self.max_len:
masks.append(mask[:,i: min(i+self.bptt, sl)])
outs =[_pad_tensor(o, bs) for o in outs], dim=1)
mask =, dim=1)
return outs,mask
# Cell
def masked_concat_pool(output, mask, bptt):
"Pool `MultiBatchEncoder` outputs into one vector [last_hidden, max_pool, avg_pool]"
lens = output.shape[1] - mask.long().sum(dim=1)
last_lens = mask[:,-bptt:].long().sum(dim=1)
avg_pool = output.masked_fill(mask[:, :, None], 0).sum(dim=1)
max_pool = output.masked_fill(mask[:,:,None], -float('inf')).max(dim=1)[0]
x =[output[torch.arange(0, output.size(0)),-last_lens-1], max_pool, avg_pool], 1) #Concat pooling.
return x
# Cell
class PoolingLinearClassifier(Module):
"Create a linear classifier with pooling"
def __init__(self, dims, ps, bptt):
if len(ps) != len(dims)-1: raise ValueError("Number of layers and dropout values do not match.")
acts = [nn.ReLU(inplace=True)] * (len(dims) - 2) + [None]
layers = [LinBnDrop(i, o, p=p, act=a) for i,o,p,a in zip(dims[:-1], dims[1:], ps, acts)]
self.layers = nn.Sequential(*layers)
self.bptt = bptt
def forward(self, input):
out,mask = input
x = masked_concat_pool(out, mask, self.bptt)
x = self.layers(x)
return x, out, out
# Cell
def get_text_classifier(arch, vocab_sz, n_class, seq_len=72, config=None, drop_mult=1., lin_ftrs=None,
ps=None, pad_idx=1, max_len=72*20):
"Create a text classifier from `arch` and its `config`, maybe `pretrained`"
meta = _model_meta[arch]
config = ifnone(config, meta['config_clas']).copy()
for k in config.keys():
if k.endswith('_p'): config[k] *= drop_mult
if lin_ftrs is None: lin_ftrs = [50]
if ps is None: ps = [0.1]*len(lin_ftrs)
layers = [config[meta['hid_name']] * 3] + lin_ftrs + [n_class]
ps = [config.pop('output_p')] + ps
init = config.pop('init') if 'init' in config else None
encoder = SentenceEncoder(seq_len, arch(vocab_sz, **config), pad_idx=pad_idx, max_len=max_len)
model = SequentialRNN(encoder, PoolingLinearClassifier(layers, ps, bptt=seq_len))
return model if init is None else model.apply(init)
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