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# AUTOGENERATED! DO NOT EDIT! File to edit: nbs/07_vision.core.ipynb (unless otherwise specified).
__all__ = ['Image', 'ToTensor', 'imagenet_stats', 'cifar_stats', 'mnist_stats', 'n_px', 'shape', 'aspect', 'load_image',
'image2tensor', 'PILBase', 'PILImage', 'PILImageBW', 'PILMask', 'OpenMask', 'AddMaskCodes', 'TensorPoint',
'TensorPointCreate', 'get_annotations', 'TensorBBox', 'LabeledBBox', 'encodes', 'encodes', 'PointScaler',
'BBoxLabeler', 'decodes', 'encodes', 'decodes']
# Cell
from ..torch_basics import *
from import *
from PIL import Image
# Cell
imagenet_stats = ([0.485, 0.456, 0.406], [0.229, 0.224, 0.225])
cifar_stats = ([0.491, 0.482, 0.447], [0.247, 0.243, 0.261])
mnist_stats = ([0.131], [0.308])
# Cell
if not hasattr(Image,'_patched'):
_old_sz = Image.Image.size.fget
def size(x:Image.Image): return Tuple(_old_sz(x))
Image._patched = True
# Cell
def n_px(x: Image.Image): return x.size[0] * x.size[1]
# Cell
def shape(x: Image.Image): return x.size[1],x.size[0]
# Cell
def aspect(x: Image.Image): return x.size[0]/x.size[1]
# Cell
def reshape(x: Image.Image, h, w, resample=0):
"`resize` `x` to `(w,h)`"
return x.resize((w,h), resample=resample)
# Cell
def to_bytes_format(im:Image.Image, format='png'):
"Convert to bytes, default to PNG format"
arr = io.BytesIO(), format=format)
return arr.getvalue()
# Cell
def to_thumb(self:Image.Image, h, w=None):
"Same as `thumbnail`, but uses a copy"
if w is None: w=h
im = self.copy()
return im
# Cell
def resize_max(x: Image.Image, resample=0, max_px=None, max_h=None, max_w=None):
"`resize` `x` to `max_px`, or `max_h`, or `max_w`"
h,w = x.shape
if max_px and x.n_px>max_px: h,w = Tuple(h,w).mul(math.sqrt(max_px/x.n_px))
if max_h and h>max_h: h,w = (max_h ,max_h*w/h)
if max_w and w>max_w: h,w = (max_w*h/w,max_w )
return x.reshape(round(h), round(w), resample=resample)
# Cell
def load_image(fn, mode=None, **kwargs):
"Open and load a `PIL.Image` and convert to `mode`"
im =, **kwargs)
im = im._new(
return im.convert(mode) if mode else im
# Cell
def image2tensor(img):
"Transform image to byte tensor in `c*h*w` dim order."
res = tensor(img)
if res.dim()==2: res = res.unsqueeze(-1)
return res.permute(2,0,1)
# Cell
class PILBase(Image.Image, metaclass=BypassNewMeta):
_show_args = {'cmap':'viridis'}
_open_args = {'mode': 'RGB'}
def create(cls, fn:(Path,str,Tensor,ndarray,bytes), **kwargs)->None:
"Open an `Image` from path `fn`"
if isinstance(fn,TensorImage): fn = fn.permute(1,2,0).type(torch.uint8)
if isinstance(fn,Tensor): fn = fn.numpy()
if isinstance(fn,ndarray): return cls(Image.fromarray(fn))
if isinstance(fn,bytes): fn = io.BytesIO(fn)
return cls(load_image(fn, **merge(cls._open_args, kwargs)))
def show(self, ctx=None, **kwargs):
"Show image using `merge(self._show_args, kwargs)`"
return show_image(self, ctx=ctx, **merge(self._show_args, kwargs))
def __repr__(self): return f'{self.__class__.__name__} mode={self.mode} size={"x".join([str(d) for d in self.size])}'
# Cell
class PILImage(PILBase): pass
# Cell
class PILImageBW(PILImage): _show_args,_open_args = {'cmap':'Greys'},{'mode': 'L'}
# Cell
class PILMask(PILBase): _open_args,_show_args = {'mode':'L'},{'alpha':0.5, 'cmap':'tab20'}
# Cell
OpenMask = Transform(PILMask.create)
OpenMask.loss_func = CrossEntropyLossFlat(axis=1)
PILMask.create = OpenMask
# Cell
class AddMaskCodes(Transform):
"Add the code metadata to a `TensorMask`"
def __init__(self, codes=None): = codes
if codes is not None: self.vocab,self.c = codes,len(codes)
def decodes(self, o:TensorMask):
if is not None: o._meta = {'codes':}
return o
# Cell
class TensorPoint(TensorBase):
"Basic type for points in an image"
_show_args = dict(s=10, marker='.', c='r')
def create(cls, t, img_size=None)->None:
"Convert an array or a list of points `t` to a `Tensor`"
return cls(tensor(t).view(-1, 2).float(), img_size=img_size)
def show(self, ctx=None, **kwargs):
if 'figsize' in kwargs: del kwargs['figsize']
x = self.view(-1,2)
ctx.scatter(x[:, 0], x[:, 1], **{**self._show_args, **kwargs})
return ctx
# Cell
TensorPointCreate = Transform(TensorPoint.create)
TensorPointCreate.loss_func = MSELossFlat()
TensorPoint.create = TensorPointCreate
# Cell
def get_annotations(fname, prefix=None):
"Open a COCO style json in `fname` and returns the lists of filenames (with maybe `prefix`) and labelled bboxes."
annot_dict = json.load(open(fname))
id2images, id2bboxes, id2cats = {}, collections.defaultdict(list), collections.defaultdict(list)
classes = {o['id']:o['name'] for o in annot_dict['categories']}
for o in annot_dict['annotations']:
bb = o['bbox']
id2bboxes[o['image_id']].append([bb[0],bb[1], bb[0]+bb[2], bb[1]+bb[3]])
id2images = {o['id']:ifnone(prefix, '') + o['file_name'] for o in annot_dict['images'] if o['id'] in id2bboxes}
ids = list(id2images.keys())
return [id2images[k] for k in ids], [(id2bboxes[k], id2cats[k]) for k in ids]
# Cell
from matplotlib import patches, patheffects
def _draw_outline(o, lw):
o.set_path_effects([patheffects.Stroke(linewidth=lw, foreground='black'), patheffects.Normal()])
def _draw_rect(ax, b, color='white', text=None, text_size=14, hw=True, rev=False):
lx,ly,w,h = b
if rev: lx,ly,w,h = ly,lx,h,w
if not hw: w,h = w-lx,h-ly
patch = ax.add_patch(patches.Rectangle((lx,ly), w, h, fill=False, edgecolor=color, lw=2))
_draw_outline(patch, 4)
if text is not None:
patch = ax.text(lx,ly, text, verticalalignment='top', color=color, fontsize=text_size, weight='bold')
# Cell
class TensorBBox(TensorPoint):
"Basic type for a tensor of bounding boxes in an image"
def create(cls, x, img_size=None)->None: return cls(tensor(x).view(-1, 4).float(), img_size=img_size)
def show(self, ctx=None, **kwargs):
x = self.view(-1,4)
for b in x: _draw_rect(ctx, b, hw=False, **kwargs)
return ctx
# Cell
class LabeledBBox(L):
"Basic type for a list of bounding boxes in an image"
def show(self, ctx=None, **kwargs):
for b,l in zip(self.bbox, self.lbl):
if l != '#na#': ctx = retain_type(b, self.bbox).show(ctx=ctx, text=l)
return ctx
bbox,lbl = add_props(lambda i,self: self[i])
# Cell
PILImage ._tensor_cls = TensorImage
PILImageBW._tensor_cls = TensorImageBW
PILMask ._tensor_cls = TensorMask
# Cell
def encodes(self, o:PILBase): return o._tensor_cls(image2tensor(o))
def encodes(self, o:PILMask): return o._tensor_cls(image2tensor(o)[0])
# Cell
def _scale_pnts(y, sz, do_scale=True, y_first=False):
if y_first: y = y.flip(1)
res = y * 2/tensor(sz).float() - 1 if do_scale else y
return TensorPoint(res, img_size=sz)
def _unscale_pnts(y, sz): return TensorPoint((y+1) * tensor(sz).float()/2, img_size=sz)
# Cell
class PointScaler(Transform):
"Scale a tensor representing points"
order = 1
def __init__(self, do_scale=True, y_first=False): self.do_scale,self.y_first = do_scale,y_first
def _grab_sz(self, x): = [x.shape[-1], x.shape[-2]] if isinstance(x, Tensor) else x.size
return x
def _get_sz(self, x):
sz = x.get_meta('img_size')
assert sz is not None or is not None, "Size could not be inferred, pass it in the init of your TensorPoint with `img_size=...`"
return if sz is None else sz
def setups(self, dl):
its = dl.do_item(0)
for t in its:
if isinstance(t, TensorPoint): self.c = t.numel()
def encodes(self, x:(PILBase,TensorImageBase)): return self._grab_sz(x)
def decodes(self, x:(PILBase,TensorImageBase)): return self._grab_sz(x)
def encodes(self, x:TensorPoint): return _scale_pnts(x, self._get_sz(x), self.do_scale, self.y_first)
def decodes(self, x:TensorPoint): return _unscale_pnts(x.view(-1, 2), self._get_sz(x))
# Cell
class BBoxLabeler(Transform):
def setups(self, dl): self.vocab = dl.vocab
def before_call(self): self.bbox,self.lbls = None,None
def decode (self, x, **kwargs):
self.bbox,self.lbls = None,None
return self._call('decodes', x, **kwargs)
def decodes(self, x:TensorMultiCategory):
self.lbls = [self.vocab[a] for a in x]
return x if self.bbox is None else LabeledBBox(self.bbox, self.lbls)
def decodes(self, x:TensorBBox):
self.bbox = x
return self.bbox if self.lbls is None else LabeledBBox(self.bbox, self.lbls)
# Cell
#LabeledBBox can be sent in a tl with MultiCategorize (depending on the order of the tls) but it is already decoded.
def decodes(self, x:LabeledBBox): return x
# Cell
def encodes(self, x:TensorBBox):
pnts = self.encodes(cast(x.view(-1,2), TensorPoint))
return cast(pnts.view(-1, 4), TensorBBox)
def decodes(self, x:TensorBBox):
pnts = self.decodes(cast(x.view(-1,2), TensorPoint))
return cast(pnts.view(-1, 4), TensorBBox)
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