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AWS EC2 computer management for regular folks...


$ pip install git+

To add tab completion for your shell (replace bash with fish if you use the fish shell, although note as at Feb-2019 there are reports fish completions may be broken in the Google Fire library that this relies on):

$ fe2 -- --completion bash > ~/.fe2-completion
$ echo 'source ~/.fe2-completion' >> ~/.bashrc
$ source ~/.bashrc


For a list of commands, type:

$ fe2

Usage:       fe2 -
             fe2 - change-type
             fe2 - connect
             fe2 - get-ami
             fe2 - get-price-hist

Each command can provide help, as follows:

$ fe2 change-type -- --help

Usage:       fe2 change-type NAME INSTTYPE
             fe2 change-type --name NAME --insttype INSTTYPE

An introduction and guide is available for the command line API and REPL. See the examples directory for examples of the Python API.

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