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# AUTOGENERATED! DO NOT EDIT! File to edit: nbs/07_clean.ipynb (unless otherwise specified).
__all__ = ['rm_execution_count', 'clean_cell_output', 'cell_metadata_keep', 'nb_metadata_keep', 'clean_cell',
'clean_nb', 'nbdev_clean_nbs']
# Cell
import io,sys,json,glob
from fastscript import call_parse,Param
from .imports import Config
# Cell
def rm_execution_count(o):
"Remove execution count in `o`"
if 'execution_count' in o: o['execution_count'] = None
# Cell
def clean_cell_output(cell):
"Remove execution count in `cell`"
if 'outputs' in cell:
for o in cell['outputs']: rm_execution_count(o)
# Cell
cell_metadata_keep = ["hide_input"]
nb_metadata_keep = ["kernelspec", "jekyll", "jupytext", "doc"]
# Cell
def clean_cell(cell, clear_all=False):
"Clean `cell` by removing superluous metadata or everything except the input if `clear_all`"
if 'outputs' in cell:
if clear_all: cell['outputs'] = []
else: clean_cell_output(cell)
cell['metadata'] = {} if clear_all else {k:v for k,v in cell['metadata'].items() if k in cell_metadata_keep}
# Cell
def clean_nb(nb, clear_all=False):
"Clean `nb` from superfulous metadata, passing `clear_all` to `clean_cell`"
for c in nb['cells']: clean_cell(c, clear_all=clear_all)
nb['metadata'] = {k:v for k,v in nb['metadata'].items() if k in nb_metadata_keep }
# Cell
import io,sys,json
# Cell
def _print_output(nb):
"Print `nb` in stdout for git things"
_output_stream = io.TextIOWrapper(sys.stdout.buffer, encoding='utf-8')
x = json.dumps(nb, sort_keys=True, indent=1, ensure_ascii=False)
# Cell
def nbdev_clean_nbs(fname:Param("A notebook name or glob to convert", str)=None,
clear_all:Param("Clean all metadata and outputs", bool)=False,
disp:Param("Print the cleaned outputs", bool)=False,
read_input_stream:Param("Read input stram and not nb folder")=False):
"Clean all notebooks in `fname` to avoid merge conflicts"
#Git hooks will pass the notebooks in the stdin
if read_input_stream and sys.stdin:
input_stream = io.TextIOWrapper(sys.stdin.buffer, encoding='utf-8')
nb = json.load(input_stream)
clean_nb(nb, clear_all=clear_all)
files = Config().nbs_path.glob('**/*.ipynb') if fname is None else glob.glob(fname)
for f in files:
if not str(f).endswith('.ipynb'): continue
nb = json.load(open(f, 'r', encoding='utf-8'))
clean_nb(nb, clear_all=clear_all)
if disp: _print_output(nb)
x = json.dumps(nb, sort_keys=True, indent=1, ensure_ascii=False)
with, 'w', encoding='utf-8') as f:
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