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# AUTOGENERATED! DO NOT EDIT! File to edit: nbs/06_cli.ipynb (unless otherwise specified).
__all__ = ['nbdev_build_lib', 'nbdev_update_lib', 'nbdev_diff_nbs', 'nbdev_test_nbs', 'make_readme', 'nbdev_build_docs',
'nbdev_nb2md', 'nbdev_detach', 'nbdev_read_nbs', 'nbdev_trust_nbs', 'nbdev_fix_merge', 'bump_version',
'nbdev_bump_version', 'nbdev_install_git_hooks', 'nbdev_new']
# Cell
from .imports import *
from .export import *
from .sync import *
from .merge import *
from .export2html import *
from .test import *
from fastscript import call_parse,Param,bool_arg
# Cell
def nbdev_build_lib(fname:Param("A notebook name or glob to convert", str)=None):
"Export notebooks matching `fname` to python modules"
# Cell
def nbdev_update_lib(fname:Param("A notebook name or glob to convert", str)=None):
"Propagates any change in the modules matching `fname` to the notebooks that created them"
# Cell
def nbdev_diff_nbs():
"Prints the diff between an export of the library in notebooks and the actual modules"
# Cell
def _test_one(fname, flags=None, verbose=True):
print(f"testing: {fname}")
start = time.time()
test_nb(fname, flags=flags)
return True,time.time()-start
except Exception as e:
if "Kernel died before replying to kernel_info" in str(e):
_test_one(fname, flags=flags)
if verbose: print(f'Error in {fname}:\n{e}')
return False,time.time()-start
# Cell
def nbdev_test_nbs(fname:Param("A notebook name or glob to convert", str)=None,
flags:Param("Space separated list of flags", str)=None,
n_workers:Param("Number of workers to use", int)=None,
verbose:Param("Print errors along the way", bool)=True,
timing:Param("Timing each notebook to see the ones are slow", bool)=False):
"Test in parallel the notebooks matching `fname`, passing along `flags`"
if flags is not None: flags = flags.split(' ')
if fname is None:
files = [f for f in Config().nbs_path.glob('*.ipynb') if not'_')]
else: files = glob.glob(fname)
files = [Path(f).absolute() for f in sorted(files)]
if len(files)==1 and n_workers is None: n_workers=0
# make sure we are inside the notebook folder of the project
results = parallel(_test_one, files, flags=flags, verbose=verbose, n_workers=n_workers)
passed,times = [r[0] for r in results],[r[1] for r in results]
if all(passed): print("All tests are passing!")
msg = "The following notebooks failed:\n"
raise Exception(msg + '\n'.join([ for p,f in zip(passed,files) if not p]))
if timing:
for i,t in sorted(enumerate(times), key=lambda o:o[1], reverse=True):
print(f"Notebook {files[i].name} took {int(t)} seconds")
# Cell
_re_index = re.compile(r'^(?:\d*_|)index\.ipynb$')
# Cell
def make_readme():
"Convert the index notebook to"
index_fn = None
for f in Config().nbs_path.glob('*.ipynb'):
if _re_index.match( index_fn = f
assert index_fn is not None, "Could not locate index notebook"
print(f"converting {index_fn} to")
convert_md(index_fn, Config().config_file.parent, jekyll=False)
n = Config().config_file.parent/index_fn.with_suffix('.md').name
shutil.move(n, Config().config_file.parent/'')
if Path(Config().config_file.parent/'').is_file():
with open(Config().config_file.parent/'', 'r') as f: readme =
with open(Config().config_file.parent/'', 'r') as f: pre_readme =
with open(Config().config_file.parent/'', 'w') as f: f.write(f'{pre_readme}\n{readme}')
# Cell
def nbdev_build_docs(fname:Param("A notebook name or glob to convert", str)=None,
force_all:Param("Rebuild even notebooks that haven't changed", bool)=False,
mk_readme:Param("Also convert the index notebook to README", bool)=True,
n_workers:Param("Number of workers to use", int)=None):
"Build the documentation by converting notebooks mathing `fname` to html"
notebook2html(fname=fname, force_all=force_all, n_workers=n_workers)
if fname is None: make_sidebar()
if mk_readme: make_readme()
# Cell
def nbdev_nb2md(fname:Param("A notebook file name to convert", str),
dest:Param("The destination folder", str)='.',
img_path:Param("Folder to export images to")="",
jekyll:Param("To use jekyll metadata for your markdown file or not", bool_arg)=False,):
"Convert the notebook in `fname` to a markdown file"
nb_detach_cells(fname, dest=img_path)
convert_md(fname, dest, jekyll=jekyll, img_path=img_path)
# Cell
def nbdev_detach(path_nb:Param("Path to notebook"),
dest:Param("Destination folder", str)="",
use_img:Param("Convert markdown images to img tags", bool_arg)=False):
"Export cell attachments to `dest` and update references"
nb_detach_cells(path_nb, dest=dest, use_img=use_img)
# Cell
def nbdev_read_nbs(fname:Param("A notebook name or glob to convert", str)=None):
"Check all notebooks matching `fname` can be opened"
files = Config().nbs_path.glob('**/*.ipynb') if fname is None else glob.glob(fname)
for nb in files:
try: _ = read_nb(nb)
except Exception as e:
print(f"{nb} is corrupted and can't be opened.")
raise e
# Cell
def nbdev_trust_nbs(fname:Param("A notebook name or glob to convert", str)=None,
force_all:Param("Trust even notebooks that haven't changed", bool)=False):
"Trust noteboks matching `fname`"
check_fname = Config().nbs_path/".last_checked"
last_checked = os.path.getmtime(check_fname) if check_fname.exists() else None
files = Config().nbs_path.glob('**/*.ipynb') if fname is None else glob.glob(fname)
for fn in files:
if last_checked and not force_all:
last_changed = os.path.getmtime(fn)
if last_changed < last_checked: continue
nb = read_nb(fn)
if not NotebookNotary().check_signature(nb): NotebookNotary().sign(nb)
# Cell
def nbdev_fix_merge(fname:Param("A notebook filename to fix", str),
fast:Param("Fast fix: automatically fix the merge conflicts in outputs or metadata", bool)=True,
trust_us:Param("Use local outputs/metadata when fast mergning", bool)=True):
"Fix merge conflicts in notebook `fname`"
fix_conflicts(fname, fast=fast, trust_us=trust_us)
# Cell
def bump_version(version, part=2):
version = version.split('.')
version[part] = str(int(version[part]) + 1)
for i in range(part+1, 3): version[i] = '0'
return '.'.join(version)
# Cell
def nbdev_bump_version(part:Param("Part of version to bump", int)=2):
"Increment version in `` by one"
cfg = Config()
print(f'Old version: {cfg.version}')
cfg.d['version'] = bump_version(Config().version, part)
print(f'New version: {cfg.version}')
# Cell
import subprocess
# Cell
def nbdev_install_git_hooks():
"Install git hooks to clean/trust notebooks automatically"
try: path = Config().config_file.parent
except: path = Path.cwd()
fn = path/'.git'/'hooks'/'post-merge'
#Trust notebooks after merge
with open(fn, 'w') as f:
echo "Trusting notebooks"
os.chmod(fn, os.stat(fn).st_mode | stat.S_IEXEC)
#Clean notebooks on commit/diff
with open(path/'.gitconfig', 'w') as f:
f.write("""# Generated by nbdev_install_git_hooks
# If you need to disable this instrumentation do:
# git config --local --unset include.path
# To restore the filter
# git config --local include.path .gitconfig
# If you see notebooks not stripped, checked the filters are applied in .gitattributes
[filter "clean-nbs"]
clean = nbdev_clean_nbs --read_input_stream True
smudge = cat
required = true
[diff "ipynb"]
textconv = nbdev_clean_nbs --disp True --fname
cmd = "git config --local include.path ../.gitconfig"
print(f"Executing: {cmd}")
result =, shell=False, check=False, stderr=subprocess.PIPE)
if result.returncode == 0:
print("Success: hooks are installed and repo's .gitconfig is now trusted")
print("Failed to trust repo's .gitconfig")
if result.stderr: print(f"Error: {result.stderr.decode('utf-8')}")
with open(Config().nbs_path/'.gitattributes', 'w') as f:
f.write("""**/*.ipynb filter=clean-nbs
**/*.ipynb diff=ipynb
# Cell
_template_git_repo = ""
# Cell
def nbdev_new(name: Param("A directory to create the project in", str)):
"Create a new nbdev project with a given name."
path = Path(f"./{name}").absolute()
if path.is_dir():
print(f"Directory {path} already exists. Aborting.")
print(f"Creating a new nbdev project {name}.")
try:['git', 'clone', f'{_template_git_repo}', f'{path}'], check=True, timeout=5000)
shutil.rmtree(path/".git")"git init".split(), cwd=path, check=True)"git add .".split(), cwd=path, check=True)"git commit -am \"Initial\"".split(), cwd=path, check=True)
print(f"Created a new repo for project {name}. Please edit settings.ini and run nbdev_build_lib to get started.")
except Exception as e:
print("An error occured while copying nbdev project template:")
if os.path.isdir(path): shutil.rmtree(path)
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