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# AUTOGENERATED! DO NOT EDIT! File to edit: nbs/05_merge.ipynb (unless otherwise specified).
__all__ = ['extract_cells', 'get_md_cell', 'conflicts', 'same_inputs', 'analyze_cell', 'fix_conflicts']
# Cell
from .imports import *
# Cell
def extract_cells(raw_txt):
"Manually extract cells in potential broken json `raw_txt`"
lines = raw_txt.split('\n')
cells = []
i = 0
while not lines[i].startswith(' "cells"'): i+=1
i += 1
start = '\n'.join(lines[:i])
while lines[i] != ' ],':
while lines[i] != ' {': i+=1
j = i
while not lines[j].startswith(' }'): j+=1
c = '\n'.join(lines[i:j+1])
if not c.endswith(','): c = c + ','
i = j+1
end = '\n'.join(lines[i:])
return start,cells,end
# Cell
def get_md_cell(txt):
"A markdown cell with `txt`"
return ''' {
"cell_type": "markdown",
"metadata": {},
"source": [
"''' + txt + '''"
# Cell
conflicts = '<<<<<<< ======= >>>>>>>'.split()
# Cell
def _split_cell(cell, cf, names):
"Splict `cell` between `conflicts` given state in `cf`, save `names` of branches if seen"
res1,res2 = [],[]
for line in cell.split('\n'):
if line.startswith(conflicts[cf]):
if names[cf//2] is None: names[cf//2] = line[8:]
cf = (cf+1)%3
if cf<2: res1.append(line)
if cf%2==0: res2.append(line)
return '\n'.join(res1),'\n'.join(res2),cf,names
# Cell
_re_conflict = re.compile(r'^<<<<<<<', re.MULTILINE)
# Cell
def same_inputs(t1, t2):
"Test if the cells described in `t1` and `t2` have the same inputs"
if len(t1)==0 or len(t2)==0: return False
c1,c2 = json.loads(t1[:-1]),json.loads(t2[:-1])
return c1['source']==c2['source']
except Exception as e: return False
# Cell
def analyze_cell(cell, cf, names, prev=None, added=False, fast=True, trust_us=True):
"Analyze and solve conflicts in `cell`"
if cf==0 and is None: return cell,cf,names,prev,added
old_cf = cf
v1,v2,cf,names = _split_cell(cell, cf, names)
if fast and same_inputs(v1,v2):
if old_cf==0 and cf==0: return (v2 if trust_us else v1),cf,names,prev,added
v1,v2 = (v2,v2) if trust_us else (v1,v1)
res = []
if old_cf == 0:
res.append(get_md_cell(f'`{conflicts[0]} {names[0]}`'))
if cf ==0:
if prev is not None: res += prev
res.append(get_md_cell(f'`{conflicts[2]} {names[1]}`'))
prev = None
else: prev = [v2] if prev is None else prev + [v2]
return '\n'.join([r for r in res if len(r) > 0]),cf,names,prev,added
# Cell
def fix_conflicts(fname, fast=True, trust_us=True):
"Fix broken notebook in `fname`"
shutil.copy(fname, fname.with_suffix('.ipynb.bak'))
with open(fname, 'r') as f: raw_text =
start,cells,end = extract_cells(raw_text)
res = [start]
cf,names,prev,added = 0,[None,None],None,False
for cell in cells:
c,cf,names,prev,added = analyze_cell(cell, cf, names, prev, added, fast=fast, trust_us=trust_us)
if res[-1].endswith(','): res[-1] = res[-1][:-1]
with open(f'{fname}', 'w') as f: f.write('\n'.join([r for r in res+[end] if len(r) > 0]))
if fast and not added: print("Succesfully merged conflicts!")
else: print("One or more conflict remains in the notebook, please inspect manually.")
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