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# AUTOGENERATED! DO NOT EDIT! File to edit: nbs/02_showdoc.ipynb (unless otherwise specified).
__all__ = ['is_enum', 'get_all', 'is_lib_module', 'try_external_doc_link', 'doc_link', 'add_doc_links',
'get_source_link', 'get_nb_source_link', 'nb_source_link', 'type_repr', 'format_param', 'show_doc',
'md2html', 'get_doc_link', 'doc']
# Cell
from .imports import *
from .export import *
from .sync import *
from nbconvert import HTMLExporter
from IPython.display import Markdown,display
from IPython.core import page
# Cell
def is_enum(cls):
"Check if `cls` is an enum or another type of class"
return type(cls) in (enum.Enum, enum.EnumMeta)
# Cell
def get_all(package):
mod = importlib.import_module(pacakge)
path = Path(mod.__path__)
# Cell
def is_lib_module(name):
"Test if `name` is a library module."
if name.startswith('_'): return False
_ = importlib.import_module(f'{Config().lib_name}.{name}')
return True
except: return False
# Cell
_re_digits_first = re.compile('^[0-9]+_')
# Cell
def try_external_doc_link(name, packages):
"Try to find a doc link for `name` in `packages`"
for p in packages:
mod = importlib.import_module(f"{p}._nbdev")
try_pack = source_nb(name, is_name=True, mod=mod)
if try_pack:
page = _re_digits_first.sub('', try_pack).replace('.ipynb', '')
return f'{mod.doc_url}{page}#{name}'
except: return None
# Cell
def doc_link(name, include_bt=True):
"Create link to documentation for `name`."
cname = f'`{name}`' if include_bt else name
#Link to modulesn
if is_lib_module(name): return f"[{cname}]({Config().doc_baseurl}{'_'.join(name.split('.'))})"
#Link to local functions
try_local = source_nb(name, is_name=True)
if try_local:
page = _re_digits_first.sub('', try_local).replace('.ipynb', '')
return f'[{cname}]({Config().doc_baseurl}{page}#{name})'
##Custom links
mod = get_nbdev_module()
link = mod.custom_doc_links(name)
return f'[{cname}]({link})' if link is not None else cname
except: return cname
# Cell
_re_backticks = re.compile(r"""
# Catches any link of the form \[`obj`\](old_link) or just `obj`,
# to either update old links or add the link to the docs of obj
\[` # Opening [ and `
([^`]*) # Catching group with anything but a `
`\] # ` then closing ]
(?: # Beginning of non-catching group
\( # Opening (
[^)]* # Anything but a closing )
\) # Closing )
) # End of non-catching group
| # OR
` # Opening `
([^`]*) # Anything but a `
` # Closing `
""", re.VERBOSE)
# Cell
def add_doc_links(text):
"Search for doc links for any item between backticks in `text` and isnter them"
def _replace_link(m): return doc_link( or
return _re_backticks.sub(_replace_link, text)
# Cell
def _is_type_dispatch(x): return type(x).__name__ == "TypeDispatch"
def _unwrapped_type_dispatch_func(x): return x.first() if _is_type_dispatch(x) else x
def _is_property(x): return type(x)==property
def _has_property_getter(x): return _is_property(x) and hasattr(x, 'fget') and hasattr(x.fget, 'func')
def _property_getter(x): return x.fget.func if _has_property_getter(x) else x
def _unwrapped_func(x):
x = _unwrapped_type_dispatch_func(x)
x = _property_getter(x)
return x
# Cell
def get_source_link(func):
"Return link to `func` in source code"
func = _unwrapped_func(func)
try: line = inspect.getsourcelines(func)[1]
except Exception: return ''
mod = inspect.getmodule(func)
module = mod.__name__.replace('.', '/') + '.py'
nbdev_mod = importlib.import_module(mod.__package__.split('.')[0] + '._nbdev')
return f"{nbdev_mod.git_url}{module}#L{line}"
except: return f"{module}#L{line}"
# Cell
_re_header = re.compile(r"""
# Catches any header in markdown with the title in group 1
^\s* # Beginning of text followed by any number of whitespace
\#+ # One # or more
\s* # Any number of whitespace
(.*) # Catching group with anything
$ # End of text
""", re.VERBOSE)
# Cell
def get_nb_source_link(func, local=False, is_name=None):
"Return a link to the notebook where `func` is defined."
func = _unwrapped_type_dispatch_func(func)
pref = '' if local else Config().git_url.replace('', '')+ Config()'/'
is_name = is_name or isinstance(func, str)
src = source_nb(func, is_name=is_name, return_all=True)
if src is None: return '' if is_name else get_source_link(func)
find_name,nb_name = src
nb = read_nb(nb_name)
pat = re.compile(f'^{find_name}\s+=|^(def|class)\s+{find_name}\s*\(', re.MULTILINE)
if len(find_name.split('.')) == 2:
clas,func = find_name.split('.')
pat2 = re.compile(f'@patch\s*\ndef\s+{func}\s*\([^:]*:\s*{clas}\s*(?:,|\))')
else: pat2 = None
for i,cell in enumerate(nb['cells']):
if cell['cell_type'] == 'code':
if, cell['source']): break
if pat2 is not None and, cell['source']): break
if, cell['source']) is None and (pat2 is not None and, cell['source']) is None):
return '' if is_name else get_function_source(func)
header_pat = re.compile(r'^\s*#+\s*(.*)$')
while i >= 0:
cell = nb['cells'][i]
if cell['cell_type'] == 'markdown' and['source']):
title =['source']).groups()[0]
anchor = '-'.join([s for s in title.split(' ') if len(s) > 0])
return f'{pref}{nb_name}#{anchor}'
return f'{pref}{nb_name}'
# Cell
def nb_source_link(func, is_name=None, disp=True):
"Show a relative link to the notebook where `func` is defined"
is_name = is_name or isinstance(func, str)
func_name = func if is_name else qual_name(func)
link = get_nb_source_link(func, local=True, is_name=is_name)
if disp: display(Markdown(f'[{func_name}]({link})'))
else: return link
# Cell
from fastscript import Param
# Cell
def type_repr(t):
"Representation of type `t` (in a type annotation)"
if (isinstance(t, Param)): return f'"{}"'
if getattr(t, '__args__', None):
args = t.__args__
if len(args)==2 and args[1] == type(None):
return f'`Optional`\[{type_repr(args[0])}\]'
reprs = ', '.join([type_repr(o) for o in args])
return f'{doc_link(get_name(t))}\[{reprs}\]'
else: return doc_link(get_name(t))
# Cell
_arg_prefixes = {inspect._VAR_POSITIONAL: '\*', inspect._VAR_KEYWORD:'\*\*'}
def format_param(p):
"Formats function param to `param:Type=val` with font weights: param=bold, val=italic"
arg_prefix = _arg_prefixes.get(p.kind, '') # asterisk prefix for *args and **kwargs
res = f"**{arg_prefix}`{}`**"
if hasattr(p, 'annotation') and p.annotation != p.empty: res += f':{type_repr(p.annotation)}'
if p.default != p.empty:
default = getattr(p.default, 'func', p.default) #For partials
default = getattr(default, '__name__', default) #Tries to find a name
if is_enum(default.__class__): #Enum have a crappy repr
res += f'=*`{default.__class__.__name__}.{}`*'
else: res += f'=*`{repr(default)}`*'
return res
# Cell
def _format_enum_doc(enum, full_name):
"Formatted `enum` definition to show in documentation"
vals = ', '.join(enum.__members__.keys())
return f'<code>{full_name}</code>',f'<code>Enum</code> = [{vals}]'
# Cell
def _escape_chars(s):
return s.replace('_', '\_')
def _format_func_doc(func, full_name=None):
"Formatted `func` definition to show in documentation"
sig = inspect.signature(func)
fmt_params = [format_param(param) for name,param
in sig.parameters.items() if name not in ('self','cls')]
except: fmt_params = []
name = f'<code>{full_name or func.__name__}</code>'
arg_str = f"({', '.join(fmt_params)})"
f_name = f"<code>class</code> {name}" if inspect.isclass(func) else name
return f'{f_name}',f'{name}{arg_str}'
# Cell
def _format_cls_doc(cls, full_name):
"Formatted `cls` definition to show in documentation"
parent_class = inspect.getclasstree([cls])[-1][0][1][0]
name,args = _format_func_doc(cls, full_name)
if parent_class != object: args += f' :: {doc_link(get_name(parent_class))}'
return name,args
# Cell
def show_doc(elt, doc_string=True, name=None, title_level=None, disp=True, default_cls_level=2):
"Show documentation for element `elt`. Supported types: class, function, and enum."
elt = getattr(elt, '__func__', elt)
qname = name or qual_name(elt)
if inspect.isclass(elt):
if is_enum(elt.__class__): name,args = _format_enum_doc(elt, qname)
else: name,args = _format_cls_doc (elt, qname)
elif callable(elt): name,args = _format_func_doc(elt, qname)
else: name,args = f"<code>{qname}</code>", ''
link = get_source_link(elt)
source_link = f'<a href="{link}" class="source_link" style="float:right">[source]</a>'
title_level = title_level or (default_cls_level if inspect.isclass(elt) else 4)
doc = f'<h{title_level} id="{qname}" class="doc_header">{name}{source_link}</h{title_level}>'
doc += f'\n\n> {args}\n\n' if len(args) > 0 else '\n\n'
if doc_string and inspect.getdoc(elt):
s = inspect.getdoc(elt)
# show_doc is used by doc so should not rely on Config
try: monospace = (Config().get('monospace_docstrings') == 'True')
except: monospace = False
# doc links don't work inside markdown pre/code blocks
s = f'```\n{s}\n```' if monospace else add_doc_links(s)
doc += s
if disp: display(Markdown(doc))
else: return doc
# Cell
def md2html(md):
"Convert markdown `md` to HTML code"
import nbconvert
if nbconvert.__version__ < '5.5.0': return HTMLExporter().markdown2html(md)
else: return HTMLExporter().markdown2html(collections.defaultdict(lambda: collections.defaultdict(dict)), md)
# Cell
def get_doc_link(func):
mod = inspect.getmodule(func)
module = mod.__name__.replace('.', '/') + '.py'
nbdev_mod = importlib.import_module(mod.__package__.split('.')[0] + '._nbdev')
try_pack = source_nb(func, mod=nbdev_mod)
if try_pack:
page = '.'.join(try_pack.split('_')[1:]).replace('.ipynb', '')
return f'{nbdev_mod.doc_url}{page}#{qual_name(func)}'
except: return None
# Cell
def doc(elt):
"Show `show_doc` info in preview window when used in a notebook"
md = show_doc(elt, disp=False)
doc_link = get_doc_link(elt)
if doc_link is not None:
md += f'\n\n<a href="{doc_link}" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener">Show in docs</a>'
output = md2html(md)
if IN_COLAB: get_ipython().run_cell_magic(u'html', u'', output)
try:{'text/html': output})
except: display(Markdown(md))
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