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# AUTOGENERATED! DO NOT EDIT! File to edit: nbs/01_sync.ipynb (unless otherwise specified).
__all__ = ['get_name', 'qual_name', 'source_nb', 'relimport2name', 'script2notebook', 'diff_nb_script']
# Cell
from .imports import *
from .export import *
# Cell
def _get_property_name(p):
"Get the name of property `p`"
if hasattr(p, 'fget'):
return p.fget.func.__qualname__ if hasattr(p.fget, 'func') else p.fget.__qualname__
else: return next(iter(re.findall(r'\'(.*)\'', str(p)))).split('.')[-1]
def get_name(obj):
"Get the name of `obj`"
if hasattr(obj, '__name__'): return obj.__name__
elif getattr(obj, '_name', False): return obj._name
elif hasattr(obj,'__origin__'): return str(obj.__origin__).split('.')[-1] #for types
elif type(obj)==property: return _get_property_name(obj)
else: return str(obj).split('.')[-1]
# Cell
def qual_name(obj):
"Get the qualified name of `obj`"
if hasattr(obj,'__qualname__'): return obj.__qualname__
if inspect.ismethod(obj): return f"{get_name(obj.__self__)}.{get_name(fn)}"
return get_name(obj)
# Cell
def source_nb(func, is_name=None, return_all=False, mod=None):
"Return the name of the notebook where `func` was defined"
is_name = is_name or isinstance(func, str)
if mod is None: mod = get_nbdev_module()
index = mod.index
name = func if is_name else qual_name(func)
while len(name) > 0:
if name in index: return (name,index[name]) if return_all else index[name]
name = '.'.join(name.split('.')[:-1])
# Cell
_re_cell = re.compile(r'^# Cell|^# Comes from\s+(\S+), cell')
# Cell
def _split(code):
lines = code.split('\n')
nbs_path = Config().nbs_path.relative_to(Config().config_file.parent)
prefix = '' if nbs_path == Path('.') else f'{nbs_path}/'
default_nb ='File to edit: {prefix}(\\S+)\\s+', lines[0]).groups()[0]
s,res = 1,[]
while[s]) is None: s += 1
e = s+1
while e < len(lines):
while e < len(lines) and[e]) is None: e += 1
grps =[s]).groups()
nb = grps[0] or default_nb
content = lines[s+1:e]
while len(content) > 1 and content[-1] == '': content = content[:-1]
res.append((nb, '\n'.join(content)))
s,e = e,e+1
return res
# Cell
def relimport2name(name, mod_name):
"Unwarps a relative import in `name` according to `mod_name`"
if mod_name.endswith('.py'): mod_name = mod_name[:-3]
mods = mod_name.split(os.path.sep)
i = last_index(Config().lib_name, mods)
mods = mods[i:]
if name=='.': return '.'.join(mods[:-1])
i = 0
while name[i] == '.': i += 1
return '.'.join(mods[:-i] + [name[i:]])
# Cell
#Catches any from .bla import something and catches .bla in group 1, the imported thing(s) in group 2.
_re_loc_import = re.compile(r'(^\s*)from (\.\S*) import (.*)$')
_re_loc_import1 = re.compile(r'(^\s*)import (\.\S*)(.*)$')
# Cell
def _deal_loc_import(code, fname):
def _replace(m):
sp,mod,obj = m.groups()
return f"{sp}from {relimport2name(mod, fname)} import {obj}"
def _replace1(m):
sp,mod,end = m.groups()
return f"{sp}import {relimport2name(mod, fname)}{end}"
return '\n'.join([_re_loc_import1.sub(_replace1, _re_loc_import.sub(_replace,line)) for line in code.split('\n')])
# Cell
def _script2notebook(fname, dic, silent=False):
"Put the content of `fname` back in the notebooks it came from."
if os.environ.get('IN_TEST',0): return # don't export if running tests
fname = Path(fname)
with open(fname, encoding='utf8') as f: code =
splits = _split(code)
rel_name = fname.absolute().resolve().relative_to(Config().lib_path)
key = str(rel_name.with_suffix(''))
assert len(splits)==len(dic[key]), f"Exported file from notebooks should have {len(dic[fname])} cells but has {len(splits)}."
assert all([c1[0]==c2[1]] for c1,c2 in zip(splits, dic[key]))
splits = [(c2[0],c1[0],c1[1]) for c1,c2 in zip(splits, dic[key])]
nb_fnames = {Config().nbs_path/s[1] for s in splits}
for nb_fname in nb_fnames:
nb = read_nb(nb_fname)
for i,f,c in splits:
c = _deal_loc_import(c, str(fname))
if f ==
l = nb['cells'][i]['source'].split('\n')[0]
nb['cells'][i]['source'] = l + '\n' + c
nbformat.write(nb, str(nb_fname), version=4)
if not silent: print(f"Converted {rel_name}.")
# Cell
def script2notebook(fname=None, silent=False):
"Update the notebooks from any changes made in the modules corresponding to `fname`"
if os.environ.get('IN_TEST',0): return
dic = notebook2script(silent=True, to_dict=True)
exported = get_nbdev_module().modules
if fname is None:
files = [f for f in Config().lib_path.glob('**/*.py') if str(f.relative_to(Config().lib_path)) in exported]
else: files = glob.glob(fname)
[ _script2notebook(f, dic, silent=silent) for f in files]
# Cell
import subprocess
from distutils.dir_util import copy_tree
# Cell
def diff_nb_script():
"Print the diff between the notebooks and the library in lib_path"
lib_folder = Config().lib_path
with tempfile.TemporaryDirectory() as d1, tempfile.TemporaryDirectory() as d2:
copy_tree(Config().lib_path, d1)
copy_tree(Config().lib_path, d2)
shutil.copytree(d1, str(Config().lib_path))
for d in [d1, d2]:
if (Path(d)/'__pycache__').exists(): shutil.rmtree(Path(d)/'__pycache__')
res =['diff', '-ru', d1, d2], stdout=subprocess.PIPE)
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