Tiny Tiny RSS plugin to run xmllint and/or tidy
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Tiny Tiny RSS: ff_xmllint

Tiny Tiny RSS plugin to run xmllint and/or tidy on feed content to deal with mostly sane but not quite valid feeds.


  • Simple install for Debian and Ubuntu:
    • Run sudo make install (it will check to ensure you have tidy and xmllint installed).
  • Manual Install:
    • Make sure tidy is installed
    • Make sure xmllint is installed
    • Copy the ff_xmllint directory in the plugins directory of your tt-rss installation.
  • Go into your tt-rss preferences and enable the plugin
  • (Optional) Go into your tt-rss preferences and choose which tools are run on feed contents.

By default, only xmllint is run. Tidy can resolve more feed problems, but makes much larger changes to the feed content than xmllint, even when no changes are necessary.

To run the tools, they must be in your web server's $PATH.

When enabled, the selected tools will be run on ALL feeds when they update.