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+# Installation on Mac OS X
+## X11/XQuartz
+You only need to install XQuartz manually if you're on Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion. Previous versions of Mac OS X already include it
+Follow the instructions at
+## Homebrew
+If you don't have it already, open a Terminal window and type:
+ ruby <(curl -fsSkL
+## Bioboy
+We put together a little shell script which will take care of installing the required librairies, compiling Bioboy from the source and bundling it into a nice .app.
+Open a Terminal window and type:
+ cd ~/Desktop
+ curl -fsSkL | bash
+Now if everyting went fine there should be a application on your Desktop.
+If you ran into problems at any of these steps, let us know by creating an issue at

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