Game freezes when trying to load up second music file #2

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Hey, just tried the game (which is brilliant btw) but I seem to have an issue.
Every time the first music track is over and the game attempts to load the second track (spywillie.ogg) the game freezes.
The last logged line is "[INFO] [boombox] Loading audio file... assets/ogg/music/spywillie.ogg"

I compiled the game from source using the latest rock from master branch.
The music file is not corrupt (at least I can play it in an audio player) and I am running the game on a 32 bit linux machine.

Keep up the good work! :D


nddrylliog commented Aug 28, 2012

Hmmm it plays fine for me :x

But I'll implement streaming samples for music files anyway:


nddrylliog commented Aug 29, 2012

@shamanas Can you try again?

It doesn't seem to have been fixed :-/
I'll do some further investigation to find out what exactly is the problem

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