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misc cleanup #318

duckinator opened this Issue · 9 comments

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Also, 19 instances of blah: func~foo (instead of blah: func ~foo, as the rest of rock uses).
Feel free to check with git grep 'func~[a-zA-Z]', but affected files as of now are:

  • sdk/lang/Buffer.ooc
  • sdk/lang/Character.ooc
  • sdk/lang/Exception.ooc
  • sdk/lang/Format.ooc
  • sdk/lang/String.ooc
  • sdk/structs/List.ooc
  • sdk/text/StringTokenizer.ooc
  • source/frontend/Target.ooc
  • source/frontend/compilers/Clang.ooc
  • source/frontend/compilers/Gcc.ooc
  • source/middle/NamespaceDecl.ooc



@duckinator Any chance you might do a pull request with fixes for all those?


Sure, I'll get on that in ~10m


03:55 AM here, take your time (:


Target.ooc can't be cleaned how I mentioned (switching those to enums just makes it 100x more hideous).

Cleaning Terminal.ooc as I mentioned means we can't use plain old Ints instead. IMO this is a good thing (assuming you get those numbers right is probably a Bad Idea). What do you think?

EDIT: That code actually won't compile, but I only want you to look at the enums and note that setAttr(Int) no longer will work.
EDIT2: OK THAT'S A BAD IDEA. Fix one thing, break 20. I'll just fix the func~foo ones...


Also, shouldn't Terminal output use ooc VarArgs and format now that they are available?


Maybe. I want to focus on other things first, though. (#278, #10, and a few others I haven't looked at recently enough to remember the issue # of)


Haha, awesome. Only two instances of func~foo left. PULL REQUEST IMMINENT (...8 months later...)

@duckinator duckinator referenced this issue from a commit in duckinator/rock
@duckinator duckinator func~blah -> func ~blah (Part of #318). 1dfdfdd
@duckinator duckinator referenced this issue from a commit in duckinator/rock
@duckinator duckinator Single-line version blocks ftw! Fixes another part of #318. Added lin…
…es for openbsd and netbsd but commented them out for now.

I'm going to close this, because I feel a thorough cleanup through all of rock is inevitable around the time we end up merging conspiracy and master. This also currently serves no purpose except as a general "hey, clean up some code every once in a while!" reminder, since I've tried both of the remaining ideas here and found them to be not worth the hassle (and possibly having bad side effects).

@duckinator duckinator closed this
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