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Reincarnate, coke (and possibly other tools in the ooc ecosystem) design, usage, ideas and discussion #475

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Subjects of discussion I can think of right now:

  • cokefiles specification (interpreted subset of ooc? valid ooc file that is compiled and executed by coke and limited to a special sdk to perform build-related tasks?)
  • coke as a packaging tool for ooc software?
  • reincarnate extended to fetch (C library) dependencies of ooc libraries?

Discuss. ^_^

(poke @nddrylliog @fredreichbier @showstopper @duckinator @wandernauta )

Prior and interesting discussions:


You're all here debating but I've got uncommitted specifications for 'bottles' in my git repo. Wait till I push that :)

And yes, pkg-config is the minimum denominator. (There's pkg-config-lite for mingw32 if you don't want to deal with the glib shit). As far as packages go, I'm going with apt-get on Ubuntu, brew on OSX, and a custom solution on Win32 (no reliable package manager for libraries there...)

More details to follow.

And yes, coke will be able to produce self-sufficient 'distribution files' for each target. For Linux that probably means statically linked. For OSX that means dynamically linked, but with dylibbundler we can fix the executable and copy the dylibs so it'll look for them in the app bundle. For Windows it basically means.. a .zip files (or folder?) with the .exe and the right .dll(s) side by side.


Sure, why not. The way I have in mind allows integration with pretty much any 3rd party package manager.. I'll expand on that later. #famouslastwords


@wandernauta If you want to help with Arch support you can start right now by writing utils/, which should be very easy. Just take a look at utils/ and work from here, should be pretty straightforward.

Gentoo support is welcome as well! Those files will be piggy-backed into coke itself, and copied to the relevant directories when producing output.


@nddrylliog utils/ is live :sparkles:


@wandernauta Merged!


Discussion of features that are still at the idea level should take place in the wiki now: - please summarize the feature there.

/cc @wandernauta @shamanas

@nddrylliog nddrylliog closed this
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