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Added interval and count options to setKeepAlive.

The OS defaults for these are too extreme if you want to run a
chat server and know if someone disconnects. Changes go along
with libuv changes.
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1 parent f0f87d8 commit af16bc6cb9b85d7e643ddac2cce8f7e8dfb1aa05 @fastest963 committed Mar 1, 2013
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  1. +9 −6 doc/api/net.markdown
  2. +2 −2 lib/net.js
  3. +3 −1 src/
15 doc/api/net.markdown
@@ -388,16 +388,19 @@ algorithm, they buffer data before sending it off. Setting `true` for
`noDelay` will immediately fire off data each time `socket.write()` is called.
`noDelay` defaults to `true`.
-### socket.setKeepAlive([enable], [initialDelay])
+### socket.setKeepAlive([enable], [initialDelay], [probeInterval], [failureCount])
-Enable/disable keep-alive functionality, and optionally set the initial
-delay before the first keepalive probe is sent on an idle socket.
+Enable/disable keep-alive functionality, and optionally set keep-alive options.
+Options default to `0`, which leaves the value unchanged from the default
+(or previous) setting.
`enable` defaults to `false`.
Set `initialDelay` (in milliseconds) to set the delay between the last
-data packet received and the first keepalive probe. Setting 0 for
-initialDelay will leave the value unchanged from the default
-(or previous) setting. Defaults to `0`.
+data packet received and the first keepalive probe.
+Set `probeInterval` (in milliseconds) to set the interval between the
+keep-alive probes sent after the initial probe.
+Set `failureCount` to set the maximum number of probes that can fail before
+the OS closes the connection. Ignored on Windows.
### socket.address()
4 lib/net.js
@@ -294,9 +294,9 @@ Socket.prototype.setNoDelay = function(enable) {
-Socket.prototype.setKeepAlive = function(setting, msecs) {
+Socket.prototype.setKeepAlive = function(setting, msecs, interval, count) {
if (this._handle && this._handle.setKeepAlive)
- this._handle.setKeepAlive(setting, ~~(msecs / 1000));
+ this._handle.setKeepAlive(setting, ~~(msecs / 1000), ~~(interval / 1000), ~~count);
4 src/
@@ -230,8 +230,10 @@ Handle<Value> TCPWrap::SetKeepAlive(const Arguments& args) {
int enable = args[0]->Int32Value();
unsigned int delay = args[1]->Uint32Value();
+ unsigned int interval = args[2]->Uint32Value();
+ unsigned int count = args[3]->Uint32Value();
- int r = uv_tcp_keepalive(&wrap->handle_, enable, delay);
+ int r = uv_tcp_keepalive(&wrap->handle_, enable, delay, interval, count);
if (r)

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