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Instrumental Agent

Instrument anything.

Setup & Usage

Add the gem to your Gemfile.

gem 'instrumental_agent'

Visit and create an account, then initialize the agent with your API key, found in the Docs section.

I ='YOUR_API_KEY', :enabled => Rails.env.production?)

Now you can begin to use Instrumental to track your application.

I.gauge('load', 1.23)

Data without historical context sucks. Instrumental lets you backfill data, allowing you to see deep into your project's past.

User.find_each do |user|
  I.increment('signups', 1, user.created_at)

Want some general server stats (load, memory, etc.)? Run this command, sorry not daemonized yet :)


Running under Rails? You can also give our experimental Rack middleware a shot by initializing it with:



Data recording can be disabled so that the full stack can be tested without polluting production data.

I ='YOUR_API_KEY', :test_mode => true)

Troubleshooting & Help

We are here to help, please email us at

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