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FastEstimator is a high-level deep learning API. With the help of FastEstimator, you can easily build a high-performance deep learning model and run it anywhere. 😉


  • Python >= 3.5

  • TensorFlow2

    • GPU: pip install tensorflow-gpu==2.0.0
    • CPU: pip install tensorflow==2.0.0
  • Pytorch backend is coming soon!


Please choose one:

  • I have no idea what FastEstimator is about:
pip install fastestimator==1.0b2
  • I want to keep up to date with the latest:
pip install fastestimator-nightly
  • I'm here to play hardcore mode:
git clone
pip install -e fastestimator

Docker Hub

Docker container creates isolated virtual environment that shares resources with host machine. Docker provides an easy way to set up FastEstimator environment, users can pull image from Docker Hub.

  • GPU: docker pull fastestimator/fastestimator:1.0b2-gpu
  • CPU: docker pull fastestimator/fastestimator:1.0b2-cpu

Start your first FastEstimator training

$ python ./apphub/image_classification/lenet_mnist/


We have tutorial series that walk through everything you need to know about FastEstimator.


Check out Application Hub for end-to-end deep learning examples in FastEstimator.


For more info, check out our FastEstimator documentation.


Please cite FastEstimator in your publications if it helps your research:

    title={FastEstimator: A Deep Learning Library for Fast Prototyping and Productization},
    author={Xiaomeng Dong and Junpyo Hong and Hsi-Ming Chang and Michael Potter and Aritra Chowdhury and
            Purujit Bahl and Vivek Soni and Yun-Chan Tsai and Rajesh Tamada and Gaurav Kumar and Caroline Favart and
            V. Ratna Saripalli and Gopal Avinash},


Apache License 2.0

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