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Deploy to Heroku

Fastladder ( is the best solution for feed-hungry people who want to consume more RSS/Atom feeds, and this is its open-source version. The open-source Fastladder, so called OpenFL, is an RSS reader to be installed on your PC or server with a capability to handle RSS feeds available within your Intranet.


$ git clone git://
$ cd fastladder

# For SQLite
$ cp config/database.yml.sqlite3 config/database.yml
$ bundle install

# For MySQL
$ cp config/database.yml.mysql config/database.yml
$ bundle install

# For PostgreSQL
$ cp config/database.yml.postgresql config/database.yml
$ bundle install

$ bundle exec rake db:create db:migrate
$ bundle exec rake setup # Setup files for development


Run fastladder web process

$ bundle exec rails server

Run fastladder crawler process

$ bundle exec ruby script/crawler

You can run web and crawler processes by foreman.

$ foreman start         # run web and crawler processes
$ foreman start web     # run web process
$ foreman start crawler # run crawler process