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# The order is relevant, most important rule at the bottom
# It is important that every team has write access to the repo
# that's why all ci-related teams are a child team of `@fastlane/Team`
# so they automatically get write access to this repo
# If you introduce a new team, make sure they are also a child-team of
# `@fastlane/Team`
# We don't need a default owner, as it will automatically fallback to
# requiring at least one review
# Multiple owners
.ruby-version @fastlane/ci-container @fastlane/ci-backend
.pre-commit @fastlane/ci-container @fastlane/ci-backend @fastlane/ci-frontend
docs/* @fastlane/ci-backend @fastlane/ci-frontend
Gemfile* @fastlane/ci-container @fastlane/ci-backend
# Container
docker-compose.yml @fastlane/ci-container
.dockerignore @fastlane/ci-container
Dockerfile @fastlane/ci-container
# Frontend
web/* @fastlane/ci-frontend
karma.conf.js @fastlane/ci-frontend
package.json @fastlane/ci-frontend
tsconfig.json @fastlane/ci-frontend
tslint.json @fastlane/ci-frontend
.angular-cli.json @fastlane/ci-frontend
# Backend
app/* @fastlane/ci-backend
spec/* @fastlane/ci-backend
public/* @fastlane/ci-backend
launch.rb @fastlane/ci-backend
fastlane_app.rb @fastlane/ci-backend
.rubocop.yml @fastlane/ci-backend
fastlane @fastlane/ci-backend