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Vision for

Check out the statement on the main page

Table of Contents:

Goals for the initial release

  • Git first: 100% of your configuration files are stored in git, wherever you want
  • Configuration files first: Human readable and editable config files, fully transparent
  • Open source: Just like fastlane, is open source and community driven
  • Self hosted: You should be able to own your CI systems, and scale up as needed
  • Adapters: Store your configuration and artifacts on services you already use, like GitHub or your own git server
  • Native fastlane integration: Already use fastlane? will work right out of the box for you
  • Mobile first, mobile only: For now, we're focusing exclusively on building the best CI system for mobile app devs
  • Built in the open: Together with all of you, MIT licensed
  • Visual interface: Thanks to you'll be able to benefit from fastlane without having to use the terminal
  • Sensible defaults: If something can be automatically figured out by, it should be
  • Easy permissions: Instead of manually managing an extra layer of permission, just uses GitHub
  • Focus on the most established toolings: git, GitHub and Xcode
  • No build steps: will never allow you to add "build steps", instead, all automation is done via fastlane

Long-term goals

  • Support common projects like React Native out of the box with zero configuration
  • Manage Xcode installations for the user (using xcode-install)
  • Support for distributed building for setups that require faster builds (multiple Macs)


mobile refers to iOS in the beginning, and will be expanded to Android at a later stage of this project.