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fastlane Logo

Twitter: @KrauseFx Twitter: @taquitos License


Open source, self-hosted, mobile-optimized CI powered by fastlane brought to you by the fastlane team.

  • Git first: 100% of your configuration files are stored in git, wherever you want
  • Configuration files first: Human readable and editable config files, fully transparent
  • Open source: Just like fastlane, is open source and community driven
  • Self hosted: You should be able to own your CI systems, and scale up as needed
  • Adapters: Store your configuration and artifacts on services you already use, like GitHub or your own git server
  • Native fastlane integration: Already use fastlane? will work right out of the box for you
  • Mobile first, mobile only: For now, we're focusing exclusively on building the best CI system for mobile app devs
  • Built in the open: Together with all of you, MIT licensed


We strongly believe in making Continuous Integration systems for mobile app developers better. While CI is a solved problem for backend and frontend applications, mobile ecosystems saw almost no improvements in their workflows. Three years ago we solved the problem of mobile app deployment with fastlane. We want to stay true to our long-term vision of automating every single aspect of your daily development workflow. Together, with the community, we have the experience and know-how to build a world-class, easy-to-use mobile-only CI, with the added benefits of being fully self-hosted and open source.

With this project, we don't just want to make using CI easier, we want to bring fastlane to the next level. While building, we'll be introducing new features like visually previewing your Fastfile, automatically clearing old TestFlight testers from your account, getting notifications when your app gets approved, and more.

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Project Status

  • This project is a very early work in progress (WIP) and can't be used yet
  • The idea is to build and iterate with the mobile development community out in the open
  • We'd love your help to shape the product, check out for more info
  • Our complete task list is available on our public GitHub board
  • We also have our current milestones listed
  • We started a poll to get a better feeling of how you'd be using, please comment and let us know.


  • Describes the overall vision and idea of this project, with its core principials
  • docs/ Describes the overall design architecture of, including the controllers, services, data sources, and data objects
  • docs/ Describes how we store builds and their artifacts

System Requirements

Requires Ruby 2.3.3 or higher. macOS and Xcode are required when building iOS projects. Refer to the fastlane documentation for more information.

Development installation

Note: We have a couple dependencies that aren't standalone gems yet, so we included them as git submodules for now

bundle install
git submodule init
git submodule update

Environment variables

We recommend create a local .keys file that you can load using source .keys before starting the server. needs a CI-account that is used by to commit and push changes that happen from the CI-side of things (e.g. a new build is triggered by a new commit).

The setup below will be simplified as the project becomes more mature. As for now, we don't have a UI or automatic onboarding yet, so you'll have to set those variables up.

# Randomly generated key, that's used to encrypt the user passwords

# The email address of your fastlane CI bot account

# The API token of your fastlane CI bot account
export FASTLANE_CI_PASSWORD="password"

# The git URL (https) for the configuration repo

# Needed just for the first startup of
# The email address used for the intial clone for the config repo

# The API token used for the initial clone for the config repo

Initial configuration

In order to run for the first time, the needs to be populated with at least two files.

  • users.json
      "id": "ee75eb27-9246-43c1-af5a-a8d33f8a963f",
      "email": "",
      "password_hash": "some password hash that needs to be created",
      "provider_credentials": [
          "email": "",
          "encrypted_api_token": "some GitHub API token that has been encrypted using the FASTLANE_CI_ENCRYPTION_KEY",
          "provider_name": "GitHub",
          "type": "github",
          "full_name": "Fastlane CI"
  • projects.json
    "repo_config": {
      "id": "ad0dadd1-ba5a-4634-949f-0ce62b77e48f",
      "git_url": "",
      "full_name": "your-name/fastlane-ci-demoapp",
      "description": "Fastlane CI Demo App Repository",
      "name": "Fastlane CI Demo App",
      "provider_type_needed": "github",
      "hidden": false
    "id": "db799377-aaa3-4605-ba43-c91a13c8f83",
    "project_name": "fastlane CI demo app test",
    "lane": "test",
    "enabled": true

In order to generate for the first time the password_hash and the encrypted_api_token there are some additional steps to follow:

  • In string_encrypter_spec.rb, right after describe "string encrypter example" do add:
    require "pry"
  • Then DEBUG=1 bundle exec rspec spec/shared/string_encrypter_spec.rb.

  • When the debug stops, you should be able to paste in:

new_encrypted_api_token = StringEncrypter.encode("your_github_token")
  • The result of the code will be the encrypted encrypted_api_token in the users.json file.

  • For the password_hash, just execute BCrypt::Password.create("your_password") and use it in the users.json file.

Local development

bundle exec rackup -p 8080 --env development

Visit to open the login

If you're having trouble and need to debug, you can add the following environment variables: FASTLANE_CI_SUPER_VERBOSE=1 and DEBUG=1

FASTLANE_CI_SUPER_VERBOSE enables extra logging which includes thread ids, and other non-essential information that could be useful during debugging.

Run tests

bundle exec rspec

Code style

bundle exec rubocop -a

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