cb05fb8 Aug 26, 2016
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require "yaml"
# Make sure no page got removed
if git.diff_for_file("mkdocs.yml")
warn("<code>mkdocs.yml</code> was modified - make sure no modification was made by mistake")
patch = git.diff_for_file("mkdocs.yml").patch
# we only care about the pages, not the other config
# this is probably the most reliable way to detect if it's a page (ends with .md)
lines = patch.split("\n").delete_if { |a| !a.strip.end_with?(".md") }
lines.each do |current_line|
if current_line.start_with?("-")
page_name = current_line.match(/\-.*\- (.*)/)[1]
warn("It seems like the page <code>#{page_name}</code> got removed from mkdocs.yml, we don't want to remove any public links. Instead please add a redirect to the new page.")