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fastlane Example Setups

This repository contains a few fastlane example setups that help you getting started.

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🎶 Simple setup, saving tons of time

  • Slack notifications on failed builds or unsuccessful tests
    • Slack notifications are only fired if they're run on our CI
  • Managed provisioning profiles using match
  • Creation of screenshots using snapshot
    • Text and device frames are added to screenshots using frameit
    • Delivered to iTunes Connect using deliver
  • Submission to App Store using gym and deliver


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👚 Full stack deployment

  • Crashlytics, TestFlight, and App Store distribution
  • Automatic build environment selection
  • Managing of Provisioning Profiles
  • Slack Team notifications
  • Version number bump and Git commit
  • Custom scripts
  • Lane switching with private lanes


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👚 Standard Setup

  • Deploy updates through Crashlytics Beta
  • Submit to the AppStore with screenshots and metadata
  • Code generation for xib names, identifiers, etc using R.swift



💚 Standard Setup

  • Building and Signing of the iOS App
  • Version Bump & Git Actions
  • Hockey Distribution
  • Production Keys


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📗 Advanced - Multiple Environments

  • Different Bundle Identifiers per lane
  • Advanced Testing
  • Hockey Deployment
  • App Store and TestFlight Deployment
  • Custom fastlane actions like automatic change-logs based on git



🎵 Standard Setup

  • Deployment to iTunes Connect
  • Building acceptance tests builds with Frank
  • Managing Certificates/Provisioning Profiles
  • CI steps as lanes
  • Project setup



💻 Advanced iOS/Mac Setup

  • Mac and iOS Universal App
  • App Store and TestFlight Deployment
  • Automated Screenshots
  • Screenshot Framing & Adding of Titles
  • Copying of example data for screenshots
  • Custom xcodebuild command


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📈 Standard Setup

  • App Store and TestFlight Deployment
  • Managing of Provisioning Profiles
  • Push Notifications
  • Version Bump & Git Actions


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👀 Standard Setup

  • App Store and TestFlight Distribution
  • Local action get_global_value
  • Version Bump & Git Actions



🔧 App Factory

  • Maintain and Deploy hundreds of Apps
  • Automatically create new Apps
  • Create profiles and push certificates
  • Screenshots
  • Remote configuration of Fastfile and snapshot scripts

A description on how the setup works is available in the Overview.



🚲 Shared Fastfile for multiple projects

  • Maintain and Deploy multiple of Apps and Projects
  • Import external Fastfile from external repo
  • Load fastlane configuration YAML file
  • Create/Renew/Download profiles for multiple targets
  • Custom load_release_notes action

A description on how the setup works is available in the Overview.

OverviewFastfileConfiguration file


Advanced - Multiple Environments

  • Deployment to iTunes Connect
  • Deployment to Hockey App
  • Running unit tests
  • Linting with Swiftlint
  • Managing Certificates/Provisioning Profiles
  • CI steps as lanes
  • Project setup
  • Version Bump & Git Actions
  • Slack Notifications
  • Custom action for internal translation tools
  • Custom action for versioning
  • Custom action for selecting changelogs


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🚀 Creative Uses

  • Deploying fastlane updates using fastlane (so meta)
  • Lane Switching
  • Network Requests
  • Custom Commands
  • Get GitHub Release


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‼️ Dual Platfrom Fastfile, Cordova project

  • Configuration for both iOS and Android in the same Fastfile
  • Saves archives to a common build folder, sorted by date
  • Handles provisioning in a separate lane
  • Includes working configuration for building both iOS and Android native projects
  • Has configuration for CI (Jenkins) to auto release to Hockeyapp, and auto unlock the keychain



📺 Setup for tvOS

  • App Store and Testflight deployments
  • Certificates and Provisioning Profiles management
  • Provision of Localizable strings
  • Deployment of Preview and Promotional releases
  • Unit and UI testing lanes for Travis
  • Linter


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