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Your first PR


Before you start working on fastlane, make sure you had a look at

For working on fastlane you should have Bundler installed. Bundler is a ruby project that allows you to specify all ruby dependencies in a file called the Gemfile. If you want to learn more about how Bundler works, check out their website.

Finding things to work on

The core team usually tags issues that are ready to be worked on and easily accessible for new contributors with the “you can do this” label. If you’ve never contributed to fastlane before, these are a great place to start!

If you want to work on something else, e.g. new functionality or fixing a bug, it would be helpful if you submit a new issue, so that we can have a chance to discuss it first. We might have some pointers for you on how to get started, or how to best integrate it with existing solutions.

Checking out the fastlane repo

  • Click the “Fork” button in the upper right corner of the main fastlane repo
  • Clone your fork:
  • Install dependencies:
    • Run bundle install in the project root
    • If there are dependency errors, you might also need to run bundle update
  • Create a new branch to work on:
    • git checkout -b <YOUR_BRANCH_NAME>
    • A good name for a branch describes the thing you’ll be working on, e.g. docs-fixes, fix-deliver-upload, gym-build-android-app, etc.
  • That’s it! Now you’re ready to work on fastlane

Testing your changes

Testing fastlane is so important, that the instructions have their own documentation file. They include how to test your local changes and how to test your local fastlane code base with your setup.

Submitting the PR

When the coding is done and you’re finished testing your changes, you are ready to submit the PR to the fastlane main repo. Everything you need to know about submitting the PR itself is inside our Pull Request Template. Some best practices are:

  • Use a descriptive title
  • Link the issues that are related to your PR in the body

After the review

Once a core member has reviewed your PR, you might need to make changes before it gets merged. To make it easier on us, please make sure to avoid using git commit --amend or force pushes to make corrections. By avoiding rewriting the commit history, you will allow each round of edits to become its own visible commit. This helps the people who need to review your code easily understand exactly what has changed since the last time they looked. Feel free to use whatever commit messages you like, as we will squash them anyway. When you are done addressing your review, also add a small comment like “Feedback addressed @<your_reviewer>”.

fastlane changes a lot and is in constant flux. We usually merge multiple PRs per day, so sometimes when we are done reviewing, your code might not work with the latest master branch anymore. To prevent this, before you make any changes after your code has been reviewed, you should always rebase the latest changes from the master branch.

After your contribution is merged, it’s not immediately available to all users. Your change will be shipped as part of the next release, which is usually once per week. If your change is time critical, please let us know so we can schedule a release for your change.