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require_relative 'tunes_base'
module Spaceship
module Tunes
# Represents a submission for review of an App Store Connect Application
# This class handles the submission of all review information and documents
class AppSubmission < TunesBase
# @return (Spaceship::Tunes::Application) A reference to the application
# this submission is for
attr_accessor :application
# @return (AppVersion) The version to use for this submission
attr_accessor :version
# @return (String) The platform of the device. This is usually "ios"
# @example
# "appletvos"
attr_accessor :platform
# @return (Boolean) Submitted for Review
attr_accessor :submitted_for_review
# To pass from the user
# @deprecated Setted automatically by <tt>add_id_info_uses_idfa</tt> usage
# @return (Boolean) Ad ID Info - Limits ads tracking
# <b>DEPRECATED:</b> Use <tt>add_id_info_uses_idfa</tt> instead.
attr_accessor :add_id_info_limits_tracking
# @return (Boolean) Ad ID Info - Serves ads
attr_accessor :add_id_info_serves_ads
# @return (Boolean) Ad ID Info - Tracks actions
attr_accessor :add_id_info_tracks_action
# @return (Boolean) Ad ID Info - Tracks installs
attr_accessor :add_id_info_tracks_install
# @return (Boolean) Ad ID Info - Uses idfa
attr_accessor :add_id_info_uses_idfa
# @return (Boolean) Content Rights - Contains third party content
attr_accessor :content_rights_contains_third_party_content
# @return (Boolean) Content Rights - Has rights of content
attr_accessor :content_rights_has_rights
# @return (Boolean) Export Compliance - Available on French Store
attr_accessor :export_compliance_available_on_french_store
# @return (Not Yet Implemented) Export Compliance - CCAT File
attr_accessor :export_compliance_ccat_file
# @return (Boolean) Export Compliance - Contains proprietary cryptography
attr_accessor :export_compliance_contains_proprietary_cryptography
# @return (Boolean) Export Compliance - Contains third-party cryptography
attr_accessor :export_compliance_contains_third_party_cryptography
# @return (Boolean) Export Compliance - Is exempt
attr_accessor :export_compliance_is_exempt
# @return (Boolean) Export Compliance - Uses encryption
attr_accessor :export_compliance_uses_encryption
# @return (String) Export Compliance - App type
attr_accessor :export_compliance_app_type
# @return (Boolean) Export Compliance - Encryption Updated
attr_accessor :export_compliance_encryption_updated
# @return (Boolean) Export Compliance - Compliance Required
attr_accessor :export_compliance_compliance_required
# @return (String) Export Compliance - Platform
attr_accessor :export_compliance_platform
# Ad ID Info Section
'adIdInfo.servesAds.value' => :add_id_info_serves_ads,
'adIdInfo.tracksAction.value' => :add_id_info_tracks_action,
'adIdInfo.tracksInstall.value' => :add_id_info_tracks_install,
'adIdInfo.usesIdfa.value' => :add_id_info_uses_idfa,
# Content Rights Section
'contentRights.containsThirdPartyContent.value' => :content_rights_contains_third_party_content,
'contentRights.hasRights.value' => :content_rights_has_rights,
# Export Compliance Section
'exportCompliance.availableOnFrenchStore.value' => :export_compliance_available_on_french_store,
'exportCompliance.ccatFile.value' => :export_compliance_ccat_file,
'exportCompliance.containsProprietaryCryptography.value' => :export_compliance_contains_proprietary_cryptography,
'exportCompliance.containsThirdPartyCryptography.value' => :export_compliance_contains_third_party_cryptography,
'exportCompliance.isExempt.value' => :export_compliance_is_exempt,
'exportCompliance.usesEncryption.value' => :export_compliance_uses_encryption,
'exportCompliance.appType' => :export_compliance_app_type,
'exportCompliance.encryptionUpdated.value' => :export_compliance_encryption_updated,
'exportCompliance.exportComplianceRequired' => :export_compliance_compliance_required,
'exportCompliance.platform' => :export_compliance_platform
class << self
# Create a new object based on a hash.
# This is used to create a new object based on the server response.
def factory(attrs)
# fill content rights section if iTC returns nil
if attrs["contentRights"].nil?
attrs["contentRights"] = {
"containsThirdPartyContent" => {
"value" => nil
"hasRights" => {
"value" => nil
obj =
return obj
# @param application (Spaceship::Tunes::Application) The app this submission is for
def create(application, version, platform: nil)
attrs = client.prepare_app_submissions(application.apple_id, application.edit_version(platform: platform).version_id)
attrs[:application] = application
attrs[:version] = version
attrs[:platform] = platform
return self.factory(attrs)
# Save and complete the app submission
def complete!
raw_data_clone = raw_data.dup
if self.content_rights_has_rights.nil? || self.content_rights_contains_third_party_content.nil?
raw_data_clone.set(["contentRights"], nil)
# Check whether the application makes use of IDFA or not
# and automatically set the mandatory limitsTracking value in the request JSON accordingly.
if !self.add_id_info_uses_idfa.nil? && self.add_id_info_uses_idfa == true
# Application uses IDFA, before sending for submission limitsTracking key in the request JSON must be set to true (agreement).
["adIdInfo", "limitsTracking", "value"],
client.send_app_submission(application.apple_id, application.edit_version(platform: platform).version_id, raw_data_clone)
@submitted_for_review = true
def setup
@submitted_for_review = false