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fastlane danger Device Grid

Ever dream of testing your app straight from a pull request? Well now you can! With fastlane, danger and, you can stream your latest changes right from the browser.

No more manually installing and testing your app just to review a PR.


View Example Pull Request


Getting started

Install fastlane and danger

Create a Gemfile in your project's directory with the following content

gem "fastlane"
gem "danger"
gem "danger-device_grid"

and run

bundle install

Setup fastlane

Skip this step if you're already using fastlane (which you should)

fastlane init

Setup danger

danger init

Follow the danger guide to authenticate with GitHub

Configure danger

Edit Dangerfile and replace the content with

puts("Running fastlane to generate and upload an ipa file...")

options = {
  xcodebuild: {
      workspace: "YourApp.xcworkspace",
      scheme: "YourScheme"

require 'fastlane'
result = "build_and_upload_to_appetize",
                          parameters: options)
  public_key: result,
  languages: ["en", "de"],
  devices: ["iphone5s", "iphone6splus", "ipadair"]

Make sure to fill in your actual workspace and scheme, or use the project parameter project: "YourApp.xcworkspace".

Try it

Push everything to GitHub in its own branch and create a PR to trigger your CI system.

Make use of deep linking

When you submit a PR you usually know what part of your app should be reviewed. Make it easier for everyone by providing a deep link, launching the app at the right point. To do so, use emojis (what else):

Add this to the bottom of your PR-body:


Make use of NSUserDefaults

To do a runtime check if if the app is running on Appetize, just use:

[[NSUserDefaults standardUserDefaults] objectForKey:@"isAppetize"]

Generate appetize stream, without the grid

Add the following to your Fastfile to build and upload your app to appetize.

desc "Build your app and upload it to Appetize to stream it in your browser"
lane :upload_to_appetize do
    xcodebuild: {
      workspace: "YourApp.xcworkspace",
      scheme: "YourScheme"

Run the newly created lane using

fastlane upload_to_appetize

Manual way using appetize_viewing_url_generator

If you want even more control over the way your app is built, you can also manually generate your .app and then upload it to appetize.

Use the appetize action together with appetize_viewing_url_generator. Make sure to build with the iphonesimulator SDK, since appetize runs iOS simulators to stream your application.

tmp_path = "/tmp/fastlane_build"
  workspace: "Themoji.xcworkspace",
  sdk: "iphonesimulator",
  scheme: "Themoji",
  derivedDataPath: tmp_path

app_path = Dir[File.join(tmp_path, "**", "*.app")].last
UI.user_error!("Couldn't find app") unless app_path

zipped_bundle = zip(path: app_path, output_path: File.join(tmp_path, ""))

  path: zipped_bundle,
  api_token: 'yourapitoken' # get it from

url = appetize_viewing_url_generator(scale: "75", color: "black", public_key: "123123")
UI.message("Generated URL: #{url}")


All product names, logos, and brands are property of their respective owners.
The used device frames were provided by Facebook via the Facebook Design Resources. fastlane is in no way affiliated with Facebook.

While Facebook has redrawn and shares these assets for the benefit of the design community, Facebook does not own any of the underlying product or user interface designs. By accessing these assets, you agree to obtain all necessary permissions from the underlying rights holders and/or adhere to any applicable brand use guidelines before using them. Facebook disclaims all express or implied warranties with respect to these assets, including non-infringement of intellectual property rights.