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mollyIV and joshdholtz [frameit] Automate measuring of "slot" offsets and width (#14184)
* [frameit] Automate measuring of "slot" offsets and width

* Fix code style

* Add additional comments

* Fix typo on sanitaized from existing code

* Check if the offsets for a device are identical for all colors

* Change offsets warning color to red and add extra lines

* Support ImageMagick7
Latest commit 86b7687 Feb 19, 2019

Prepare and upload new device frames

Starting in October 2016 we are now using the Facebook frameset and hosting the device frame resources since Apple sometimes has removed / changed some of the old images making framing a moving target.

To run the wizard to prepare new device assets, just run rake in this directory.

You will need to run this wizard every time you want update the device assets

This will generate 2 directories:

  • The timestamp based one which is used if the user specifies a particular version in their Framefile
  • The the most recent one which will be used by default

Both directories should be uploaded to

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