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This program consumes from the Fastly Real-time Analytics API and makes the data available to Prometheus. It should behave like you expect: dynamically adding new services, removing old services, and reflecting changes to service metadata like name and version.



Go to the releases page.


Available on the packages page as fastly/fastly-exporter.

docker pull

Note that version latest will track RCs, alphas, etc. -- always use an explicit version in production.

Helm chart

Helm must be installed to use the prometheus-community/fastly-exporter chart. Please refer to Helm's documentation to get started.

Once Helm is set up properly, add the repo as follows:

helm repo add prometheus-community

And install:

helm upgrade --install fastly-exporter prometheus-fastly-exporter --namespace monitoring --set token="fastly_api_token"


If you have a working Go installation, you can clone the repo and install the binary from any revision, including HEAD.

git clone
cd fastly-exporter
go build ./cmd/fastly-exporter
./fastly-exporter -h



For simple use cases, all you need is a Fastly API token. See this link for information on creating API tokens. The token can be provided via the -token flag or the FASTLY_API_TOKEN environment variable.

fastly-exporter -token XXX

This will collect real-time stats for all Fastly services visible to your token, and make them available as Prometheus metrics on

Filtering services

By default, all services available to your token will be exported. You can specify an explicit set of service IDs to export by using the -service xxx flag. (Service IDs are available at the top of your Fastly dashboard.) You can also include only those services whose name matches a regex by using the -service-allowlist '^Production' flag, or elide any service whose name matches a regex by using the -service-blocklist '.*TEST.*' flag.

For tokens with access to a lot of services, it's possible to "shard" the services among different fastly-exporter instances by using the -service-shard flag. For example, to shard all services between 3 exporters, you would start each exporter as

fastly-exporter [common flags] -service-shard 1/3
fastly-exporter [common flags] -service-shard 2/3
fastly-exporter [common flags] -service-shard 3/3

Filtering metrics

By default, all metrics provided by the Fastly real-time stats API are exported as Prometheus metrics. You can export only those metrics whose name matches a regex by using the -metric-allowlist 'bytes_total$' flag, or elide any metric whose name matches a regex by using the -metric-blocklist imgopto flag.

Filter semantics

All flags that filter services or metrics are repeatable. Repeating the same flag causes its condition to be combined with OR semantics. For example, -service A -service B would include both services A and B (but not service C). Or, -service-blocklist Test -service-blocklist Staging would skip any service whose name contained Test or Staging.

Different flags (for the same filter target) combine with AND semantics. For example, -metric-allowlist 'bytes_total$' -metric-blocklist imgopto would only export metrics whose names ended in bytes_total, but didn't include imgopto.

Service discovery

Per-service metrics are available via /metrics?target=<service ID>. Available services are enumerated as targets on the /sd endpoint, which is compatible with the generic HTTP service discovery feature of Prometheus. An example Prometheus scrape config for the Fastly exporter follows.

  - job_name: fastly-exporter
      - url:
      - source_labels: [__address__]
        target_label: __param_target
      - source_labels: [__param_target]
        target_label: service
      - target_label: __address__