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extern crate lazy_static;
extern crate http;
extern crate regex;
extern crate http_guest;
extern crate failure;
extern crate htmlescape;
extern crate serde_json;
extern crate maud;
use failure::Error;
use http_guest::{PendingRequest, Request, RequestExt, Response};
use maud::{Markup, PreEscaped, DOCTYPE};
use regex::Regex;
use serde_json::Value;
///! This web application fetches weather observations from the JSON API,
///! and renders an HTML page.
///! For the weather API documentation, see:
/// A WeatherRequest is a request made to the weather API.
struct WeatherRequest {
location: String,
pending: PendingRequest,
impl WeatherRequest {
/// Initiate a request. `location` is a friendly, human-readable name; `station_code`
/// is the name of the weather station, typically an ICAO airport code in the US,
/// e.g. KPDX or KSFO
pub fn new(location: &str, station_code: &str) -> Result<WeatherRequest, Error> {
// Build a request:
let req = Request::builder()
.header("accept", "application/ld+json")
// Send it asynchronously:
let pending = req.send_async()?;
Ok(WeatherRequest {
location: location.to_owned(),
/// Get the response corresponding to the request. The request was sent asynchronously
/// in `new`, this will block until a response is returned.
pub fn get_response(self) -> Result<WeatherObservation, Error> {
// Block for the response
let resp = self.pending.wait()?;
// Construct a `WeatherObservation` if successful, otherwise show the error:
if resp.status() == 200 {
WeatherObservation::new(self.location, resp)
} else {
let err_body = std::str::from_utf8(resp.body()).unwrap_or("(utf8 error)");
"weather request for {} returned {}: {}",
/// A WeatherObservation is built from a response from the weather API
struct WeatherObservation {
/// Location of the weather observation station.
pub location: String,
/// Textual description of the current weather.
pub description: String,
/// Current temperature in degrees celsius.
pub celsius: f64,
impl WeatherObservation {
/// Construct a WeatherObservation from an API response.
/// The (friendly, human-readable) location isnt stored in the response, we
/// get that from the caller.
pub fn new(location: String, response: Response<Vec<u8>>) -> Result<Self, Error> {
// Decode the response body into a JSON structure:
let resp_body: &[u8] = &response.body();
let json: Value = serde_json::de::from_slice(resp_body)?;
// .textDescription should be a text field. Extract it, and change it
// to lowercase.
let description = json
.ok_or(format_err!("weather missing textDescription"))?
.ok_or(format_err!("textDescription was not str"))?
// .temperature.value should be a numeric field. Extract it as a f64:
let celsius = json
.ok_or(format_err!("weather missing temperature"))?
.ok_or(format_err!("temperature missing value"))?
.ok_or(format_err!("temperature value is not a number"))?;
Ok(WeatherObservation {
/// Provide the temperature in fahrenheit
pub fn fahrenheit(&self) -> f64 {
self.celsius * 9.0 / 5.0 + 32.0
/// Text description of the weather:
pub fn description(&self) -> String {
"The weather in {} is currently {} and {}&deg;F ({}&deg;C)",
self.fahrenheit() as i32,
self.celsius as i32
/// The root page makes a single weather API request to show the current weather in Portland
fn root_page() -> Result<Markup, Error> {
// Start a request to get the weather at pdx, and wait for the response:
let pdx = WeatherRequest::new("Portland, OR", "KPDX")?.get_response()?;
// Create maud Markup for the page
Ok(html! {
div {
h1 { "Current Weather" }
p { (PreEscaped(pdx.description())) }
a href="/compare/KPDX/to/KSFO" class="button primary" style="margin-top: 20px;" {
"Compare to SF"
/// The compare page makes two simultaneous weather API requests, to compare the weather at two
/// different observation stations.
fn compare_page(station1: &str, station2: &str) -> Result<Markup, Error> {
// Send request for the weather at the two stations to compare.
// We don't have a simple human-readable name for these stations. Maybe you could add one?
let req1 = WeatherRequest::new(station1, station1)?;
let req2 = WeatherRequest::new(station2, station2)?;
// Now, wait for both responses:
let resp1 = req1.get_response()?;
let resp2 = req2.get_response()?;
// Create maud Markup for the page
Ok(html! {
div {
h1 { "Weather Comparison" }
p { (PreEscaped(resp1.description())) }
p { (PreEscaped(resp2.description())) }
/// Implementation of the application server
fn server(req: &Request<Vec<u8>>) -> Result<Response<Vec<u8>>, Error> {
// The page dispatch uses this regular expression to extract stations from the
// /compare/<station1>/to/<station2> URL.
lazy_static! {
static ref RE: Regex =
Regex::new("/compare/([[:alpha:]]+)/to/([[:alpha:]]+)").expect("create regex");
let page_markup = match RE.captures(req.uri().path()) {
None if req.uri().path() == "/" => {
// For requests to /, just dispatch to the root page:
Some(captures) => {
// The regexp captures groups tell us the
let station1 = captures
.ok_or_else(|| format_err!("could not determine request station 1"))?
let station2 = captures
.ok_or_else(|| format_err!("could not determine request station 2"))?
// Dispatch to the compare page:
compare_page(station1, station2)
_ => {
// Return early with a 404
return Ok(Response::builder().status(404).body(vec![]).unwrap());
// Put the markup into the boilerplate, and render into a string
let body = html! {
head {
link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="/style.css" {}
body {
div class="fui-tile" style="display: flex;flex-direction: row; align-items: center; margin: 20px;" {
style="max-height: 200px; margin-top: 20px; margin-bottom: 20px"
// Send the string as a successful response.
let resp = Response::builder()
.header("content-type", "text/html; charset=utf-8")
/// Wrapper for the server that turns the error case into a 500 response showing
/// the error:
fn server_(req: &Request<Vec<u8>>) -> Response<Vec<u8>> {
match server(req) {
Ok(resp) => resp,
Err(e) => {
let body = format!("Weather JSON API Demo Error: {:?}", e);
/// Macro that sets server_ as the entry point of the guest application:
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