Overture is a powerful JS library for building really slick web applications, with performance at, or surpassing, native apps.
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Overture is a JavaScript library that contains all the tools you need to build a slick, modern web app. It was originally built to power FastMail's awesome webmail.

To get started, check out the heavily commented Todo demo app in the examples folder, or use your browser web dev tools on the live demo at: http://overturejs.com/examples/Todo/.

You can find API documentation and download a pre-built copy of the library from http://overturejs.com.

Overture is MIT licensed. No animals were harmed in the making of this code.

Building from Source

Prerequisites: just Node 6+ and optionally Yarn.

git clone https://github.com/fastmail/overture.git
cd overture
yarn  # `npm install` works too

If you want to build the parbroken documentation as well:

make docs