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What is it?

As the name suggests, it's a fast and simple PHP blogging app created mainly for developers. You can use fastpress to publish your github pages, or run simple vanilla php blog.

Using Github pages

This solution involves integrating your github pages to publish the content in your site using fastpress.

Using Database

This is the simple wordpress-esque way to publish your blogs. Just log in to your fastpress app, and start blogging.


  • Fastpress uses prism.js for syntax hightlighting (over 50 languages)
  • Font-awesome and bootstrap for easier front-end customization
  • Disqus for commenting. (optional vanilla php comment feature)
  • Multipe user accounts for authoring blogs
  • Fetch/order blogs by unique tags, dates and authors
  • editable blogs by visitors, edits then are sent as PR to your github account.
  • log in with github/twitter to comment.
  • easily embed gists and tweets into your blog post


Anyone is welcome to contribute.

Use semantic versioning when tagging releases.

Code: convensions / standards

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