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Tap to swap out words with emojis. Inspired by on iOS 10.
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Tap to swap out words with emojis. Works with any UITextView. Heavily inspired by on iOS 10.

Created by Arkadiusz Holko (@arekholko).

Demo GIF


Add a property of EmojiController type to a class that holds your UITextView instance, e.g. a view controller:

var emojiController: EmojiController?

Then, initialize EmojiController by passing it your text view (e.g. in viewDidLoad()):

emojiController = EmojiController(textView: textView)

That's it! 🎉


EmojiController provides three points of customization through properties:

  • mapping – contains a mapping from words to an array of emojis
  • textHighlightingFactory – creates a new instance of an object conforming to TextHighlighting protocol; each instance of that object is responsible for highlighting a single word
  • defaultAttributes - attributes (as in NSAttributedString) of a text that's not replaceable with emoji


EmojiTextView is available through CocoaPods. To install it simply add the following line to your Podfile:

pod "EmojiTextView", "0.0.1"

Then you can import it with:

import EmojiTextView


iOS 9 and above.

Future Improvements

  • Should the emoji replacement be enabled only when the emoji keyboard is selected? It probably requires the use of the private API as UITextInputMode doesn't help here.
  • If there's more than one emoji match for a given word there should be an ability to choose which one we want to use.
  • (EASY) There should be an option to switch back from an emoji to the full word. Hint: add an attribute with the original word to the part of the string replaced by an emoji.


  • Emoji keyword library is based on emojilib.
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