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A Django REST Data API App
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Djata is a Django application plugin that provides REST services for existing Django models with minimal but flexible configuration. Configuring a Djata REST API is comparable to configuring Django's administrative interface.

Djata views support HTTP GET, PUT, PUSH, and DELETE, with parsers and formatters including but not limited to HTML, raw HTML for AJAX, JSON, JSONP, URL encoding, CSV, formatted plain text, and XLS (with the pyExcellerator module installed), with orthogonal support for selecting, filtering, ordering, and paginating data. Djata becomes your new base-line for Django views, with support across the board for the comprehensive API options you want but never have time to write.

(If you are viewing this page on Github, you will need to visit the canonical location of this file for the relative hyperlinks to function properly.)

For an example Djata application, check see Bugwar.

In future versions, Djata should support:

  • Django authentication for write, delete, and most importantly read privileges first for models and then for individual objects.
  • HTTP content negotiation on URLs that do not provide a format extension.
  • A progressively enhanced, cross-referenced, HTML user interface.
  • Custom views for viewing and editing charts, graphs, and trees.
  • Throttling and Pacing
  • Generalize for inter-application cross-references
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