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FastSpring API

The FastSpring API follows the REST principles as much as possible. Check out our wrappers and API endpoint documentation.

In addition to the REST APIs, there are also "push" notifications / IPN postback's available for subscription activation and deactivation. It is typical to use both the rest API and push notifications for a complete solution. Please see the notification documentation for more information.

Wrappers and example code


All requests require authentication. This can be either through HTTP Basic authentication or URL parameters. This is secure since all requests use SSL. More...

Making a request

  • All URLs start with{company} and must be made through SSL (HTTPS). Plain HTTP requests will be rejected.
  • Make sure to set the Content-Type header to application/xml for PUT and POST requests which will identify the format of the data being sent.
  • Check out our API endpoints below for further details

API Endpoints

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