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Authentication is managed using URL parameters, and is based on the users setup in your FastSpring account. Generally we recommend that you create a new user specifically for the purpose of using the API, rather than using a personal user account. All requests require authentication.


Basic Auth (recommended)

We recommend to use Basic Auth as alternative to URL parameters. This is especially useful for POST/PUT requests.


curl -i -X PUT -H 'Content-Type: application/xml' -u {username}:{password} -d "..."

Company, Username, Password

As noted in the example, each request will require 3 key pieces of authentication information:

  • {company} is the case sensitive Company ID which you use to login to SpringBoard.
  • {username} is the case sensitive username of the special API user you created via SpringBoard.
  • {password} is the case sensitive password of the API user.
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