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<title>Documentation FastSpring Subscription API for PHP</title>

About FastSpring

FastSpring offers an innovative e-commerce engine designed to overcome ease of use, customer service, and cost issues that have plagued software e-commerce companies. We employ a customer-driven, iterative and collaborative Agile development process.

About FastSpring Subscription API for PHP

The FastSpring Subscription API for PHP allows for easy integration with FastSpring's subscription services. There is a example web application to demonstrate the usage of the API. All source code is released under the MIT license. It is open to contributions and its use is unrestricted.

How-to integrate

Read our Integration Guide for information on integrating your PHP application with FastSpring's subscription service.

#FastSpring API for PHP#


FastSpring's Subscription API for PHP provides an interface for integrating PHP applications with FastSpring's subscription services. It provides the necessary CRUD operations needed to manage subscriptions.

Class Library

The FastSpring Subscription API class library provides the CRUD operations in a single class called FastSpring. This class and other classes used to pass the data in and out of the APIs are described below.

class FastSpring {
	public $test_mode = false;
	public function __construct($store_id, $api_username, $api_password) { ... }
	public function createSubscription($product_ref, $customer_ref) { ... }
	public function getSubscription($subscription_ref) { ... }
	public function updateSubscription($subscriptionUpdate) { ... }
	public function cancelSubscription($subscription_ref) { ... }
	public function renewSubscription($subscription_ref) { ... }

How-to add the FastSpring Subscription API to your PHP application

All that is needed to start using the FastSpring Subscription API in your PHP application is to include the fastspring.php file from your PHP files.

Then you instantiate a new FastSpring object with the parameters that match your store's setup.

  • $store_id
  • $api_username
  • $api_password


$fastspring = new FastSpring("your_store_id", "your_api_username", "your_api_password");

class FsprgSubscription

public $status;
public $statusChanged;
public $statusReason;
public $cancelable;
public $reference;
public $test;
public $customer;
public $customerUrl;
public $productName;
public $tags;
public $quantity;

class FsprgCustomer

public $firstName;
public $lastName;
public $company;
public $email;
public $phoneNumber;

class FsprgSubscriptionUpdate

public function __construct($subscription_ref) { ... }	

public $productPath;
public $quantity;
public $tags;
public $noEndDate;
public $coupon;
public $discountDuration;
public $proration;

class FsprgException

public $httpStatusCode;
public $errorCode;

Example1 PHP Application

Demonstrates the usage of the FastSpring Subscription API in a simple web application that has a subscription page. You will need to have an existing FastSpring store configured for subscriptions. The following needs to be configured in order to use this example:

  • A subscription product
  • Subscription Activated Notification
  • Subscription Deactivated Notification

You need to modify include.php to modify the following values to match your store's settings:

  • $store_id
  • $api_username
  • $api_password
  • $test_mode
  • product_id

You also need to set the $privateKey variable in activate.php and deactivate.php. This private key needs to match the private key in the Security tab of the Subscription Activated Notification and Subscription Deactivated Notification respectively.

Please see example1/INSTRUCTIONS.txt for full, step by step configuration.