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from pika import SelectConnection
from import Channel
import functools
class SyncSelectConnection(SelectConnection):
# sync init, wait untill connection established
def __init__(self, *args, **nargs):
x = []
def on_open(connection):
nargs['on_open_callback'] = on_open
nargs['on_close_callback'] = self._my_on_close
SelectConnection.__init__(self, *args, **nargs)
while not x:
# sync channel creation, wait untill channel appears
def channel(self):
x = []
def on_open(ch):
x.append(ch), on_open)
while not x:
return x[0]
# owerride standard method _create_channel, return SyncChannel instead of pika.Channel
def _create_channel(self, channel_number, on_open_callback):
return SyncChannel(self, channel_number, on_open_callback)
# raise exception on unexpected connection close
def _my_on_close(conn, code, text):
if code != 0:
raise Exception('Connection %s closed (%s) %s' % (conn.params, code, text))
# adjust interface to BlockingConnection
def process_data_events(self):
# can syncronize any channel method
def sync_channel(proc):
def f(self, *argc, **nargs):
x = []
def on_open(method):
proc(self, on_open, *argc, **nargs)
while not x:
return f
class SyncChannel(Channel):
# just add on_close, callback syncronization in
def __init__(self, *args, **nargs):
Channel.__init__(self, *args, **nargs)
def queue_declare(self, *args, **nargs):
return Channel.queue_declare(self, *args, **nargs)
def exchange_declare(self, *args, **nargs):
return Channel.exchange_declare(self, *args, **nargs)
def queue_bind(self, *args, **nargs):
return Channel.queue_bind(self, *args, **nargs)
def exchange_bind(self, *args, **nargs):
return Channel.exchange_bind(self, *args, **nargs)
def queue_delete(self, *args, **nargs):
return Channel.queue_delete(self, *args, **nargs)
def exchange_delete(self, *args, **nargs):
return Channel.exchange_delete(self, *args, **nargs)
def _my_on_close(ch, code, text):
if code != 0:
raise Exception('Channel %d belongs to connection %s closed (%s) %s' % (ch.channel_number, ch.connection.params, code, text))
# adjust channel interface to BlockingChannel
def stop_consuming(self):
"""Sends off the Basic.Cancel to let RabbitMQ know to stop consuming and
sets our internal state to exit out of the basic_consume.
for consumer_tag in self._consumers.keys():