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Requires python3.7+ with pip

Task summary

Set up for Discord

  • create an audit bot user, note down CLIENT_ID
  • invite audit bot user to your server
  • invite panda-bot to your server
  • create a text channel and give access to both bots (send message, read message and read message history), this is ideally an admin channel not open to public although you can choose to be transparent. note down the channel ID
  • message panda-bot $tipnode and retrieve API key
  • set up a clean node (skip if use existing), ensure panda-bot is the only one accessing it
  • clone script and fill in the required fields with details obtain from previous steps
  • run the script!
  • if no errors, create a crontask to run the script on schedule

Create an audit bot user to communicate with panda-bot

Creating a Bot account is a pretty straightforward process.

Make sure you’re logged on to the [Discord website](

Navigate to the [application page](

Click on the “New Application” button.

Give the application a name (something simple like "currency-panda-audit") and click “Create”. 
Note down the numeric Client ID just below the application name.

Client ID

Create a Bot User by navigating to the “Bot” tab and clicking “Add Bot”.

Click “Yes, do it!” to continue.

Note down the Bot Token by clicking the "Copy" button. (Never share this)

Bot Token

You are free to edit the name or logo for your project.

No extra permissions are required.

Invite the bot to your server by using this link, replace <CLIENT_ID> with what you recorded earlier:<CLIENT_ID>&scope=bot&permissions=0

Instructions are taken from

For Discord: invite panda-bot to your server and create an audit channel

Use this link to invite panda-bot to your Discord server

Create a text channel for audit purposes, this channel should ideally be only visibile to the project team. panda-bot will require send_message and read_message permissions

The audit bot user you created in the first step of this documentation will also require the same access as panda-bot

Take note of the channel ID to use in the next step

Retrieve API key from panda-bot

Run $tipnode command in DM or any channel with panda-bot present, you will need to provide the Bot user CLIENT_ID

Set up tip node

Set up your blockchain node on the same or an alternate VPS with the configuration from above steps This wallet should only be used for panda-bot (explorers are fine, as there are no blockchain transactions) Keep this node updated and DO NOT make transactions manually

Git clone and update script

cd ~
git clone
cd tip-node
sudo apt-get install python3-pip -y
sudo apt-get install python3-setuptools -y
python3 -m pip install wheel
python3 -m pip install -r requirements.txt

Insert values as follows:

Attribute Description
BOT_TOKEN The token you have retrieved in the first step
CURRENCY_TICKER The ticker of your currency registered on panda-bot
PANDA_AUDIT_CHANNEL This you will receive as part of registering
BACKUP_AUDIT_CHANNEL This is the numeric audit channel ID created in the project Discord server
FAT_PANDA_CLUB_API_KEY panda-bot API key which you can obtain with $tipnode
TIP_NODE_HOST IP of the live node
TIP_NODE_PORT Port number of the live node
TIP_NODE_RPC_USERNAME RPC User of the live node
TIP_NODE_RPC_PASSWORD RPC Password of the live node

The RPC settings are generally set in the daemon config similarly to below:


This IP is the host/VM which will be running the tip-node script. If it is a PoS currency please make sure staking or minting is off!

Create crontask

Trigger every 5 minutes, replace with path to python3 and script location where applicable

*/5 * * * * /usr/bin/python3 ~/tip-node/ >> ~/panda_tip_node.log 2>&1


The script will communicate panda-bot API on average every 5 minutes, please do not increase the frequency as it will be rejected If you'd like assistance with setting up please contact us via Discord


Ensure your project is properly set up with an available audit channel on Discord that both your bot user and panda-bot can access.

All blockchain transactions are recorded and validated from both project and panda-bot side to avoid potential tampering. Message editing or deletion is recorded by additonal tooling in the Fat Panda Club channel.

The code provided here have been tested and is fully functional as long as the tip node is in sync, it will the be project team's responsibility to ensure the node is maintained and the log (~/panda_tip_node.log) reviewed regularly for anomalies.


Mobile Crypto wallet via panda-bot







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