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Node + Socket.IO + MooTools + Twitter + Space Invaders = space-tweet (a visualization of good vs. evil)
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Space Tweet is a visualization of the twitter stream - it uses node.js and the twitter firehose to stage a match of good vs evil: every evil tweet creates a new space invader, while each positive tweet fires a bullet of good from the space defender... Watch the youtube demo @



You will need both node.js and npm installed to get Space Tweet running locally.

If you have those, just cd into the root of this repo and run:

$ npm install .

boom! all server dependencies installed...


Once you've got everything installed, make sure to update the config.json with your twitter username and password! Then:

sudo node server.js

this will start up space tweet on port 3000... so go to your browser:


hopefully you should see space tweet!! hooray!

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