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A simple jQuery plugin for image zooming; as seen on Medium.



  1. Link the zoom.js and zoom.css files to your site or application.
<link href="css/zoom.css" rel="stylesheet">
<script src="js/zoom.js"></script>
  1. zoom.js is dependent on transition.js file from Bootstrap, so make sure to include that as well.
<script src="js/transition.js"></script>
  1. Add a data-action="zoom" attribute to the images you want to make zoomable. For example:
<img src="img/blog_post_featured.png" data-action="zoom">


It's the best way to zoom an image. It transitions/zooms in really smoothly, and then when you're done, scrolls away, [esc] keys away, clicks away… clean af.

If you hold your meta key ( on mac) or (ctrl on windows), it will open in a new tab. wow.

ps. use a data-original attr to link to a separate image. Just for meta-clicking tho.


zoom.js should (in theory) work in all relevant browsers (ie9+). If not, create an issue! Thanks!


Written by @fat, made better by you.

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