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D&D villain generator.
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Villain Generator

Randomly generates a D&D/TTRPG villain and spits it out for your use!

Generator Parts


A/An characteristic kind of person who backstory and is now thing they are currently doing in order to goal.


These were actually created by the generator so some might make not as much sense as others.


  • A cannibalistic brass dragon who had been an infamous thief and is now assassinating powerful people in order to win back their lover.
  • A fiery warlock who had mentored a famous adventurer and is now committing mass murder in order to stop someone worse than them.
  • A wealthy paladin who had been betrayed by a close friend and is now waking up a powerful creature in order to defeat a rival.


  • A melancholy smuggler who has kidnapped people and is now spreading a plague in order to save their child.
  • A gracious robot who has betrayed a close friend and is now starting a revolution in order to enact their final plan.
  • An impulsive mercenary who has murdered someone and is now experimenting on civilians in order to get revenge on the heroes.


The goal right now is get each of these to 100+.

Characteristics: 109/100


Kind of Person: 110/100

Backstories: 59/100

Current Actions: 71/100

Goals: 63/100


Kind of Person: 75/100

Backstories: 90/100

Current Actions: 65/100

Goals: 51/100

To Do

  • Finish building out generated sentence structure.
  • Convert arrays to scalable, easily edited items (JSON potentially).
  • Attach to Twitter account with relevant keys & tokens. (WEBSITE INSTEAD)
    • (ALTERNATIVELY) Create website.
  • Fill up various arrays of data.
    • Add sci-fi option.
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