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# [common] is integral section
# A literal address or host name for IPv6 must be enclosed
# in square brackets, as in "[::1]:80", "[ipv6-host]:http" or "[ipv6-host%zone]:80"
bind_addr =
bind_port = 7000
# udp port to help make udp hole to penetrate nat
bind_udp_port = 7001
# udp port used for kcp protocol, it can be same with 'bind_port'
# if not set, kcp is disabled in frps
kcp_bind_port = 7000
# specify which address proxy will listen for, default value is same with bind_addr
# proxy_bind_addr =
# if you want to support virtual host, you must set the http port for listening (optional)
# Note: http port and https port can be same with bind_port
vhost_http_port = 80
vhost_https_port = 443
# response header timeout(seconds) for vhost http server, default is 60s
# vhost_http_timeout = 60
# set dashboard_addr and dashboard_port to view dashboard of frps
# dashboard_addr's default value is same with bind_addr
# dashboard is available only if dashboard_port is set
dashboard_addr =
dashboard_port = 7500
# dashboard user and passwd for basic auth protect, if not set, both default value is admin
dashboard_user = admin
dashboard_pwd = admin
# dashboard assets directory(only for debug mode)
# assets_dir = ./static
# console or real logFile path like ./frps.log
log_file = ./frps.log
# trace, debug, info, warn, error
log_level = info
log_max_days = 3
# auth token
token = 12345678
# heartbeat configure, it's not recommended to modify the default value
# the default value of heartbeat_timeout is 90
# heartbeat_timeout = 90
# only allow frpc to bind ports you list, if you set nothing, there won't be any limit
allow_ports = 2000-3000,3001,3003,4000-50000
# pool_count in each proxy will change to max_pool_count if they exceed the maximum value
max_pool_count = 5
# max ports can be used for each client, default value is 0 means no limit
max_ports_per_client = 0
# if subdomain_host is not empty, you can set subdomain when type is http or https in frpc's configure file
# when subdomain is test, the host used by routing is
subdomain_host =
# if tcp stream multiplexing is used, default is true
tcp_mux = true