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  1. fat_free_crm fat_free_crm Public

    Ruby on Rails CRM platform

    Ruby 3.5k 1.3k

  2. ajax-chosen-rails ajax-chosen-rails Public

    Integrate Ajax-Chosen javascript library with Rails asset pipeline

    Ruby 23 20

  3. ffcrm_app ffcrm_app Public

    Sample application using Fat Free CRM engine

    Ruby 12 6

  4. ffcrm_merge ffcrm_merge Public

    Merge plugin for Fat Free CRM - for Contacts & Accounts

    Ruby 5 7

  5. ffcrm_service_hooks ffcrm_service_hooks Public

    Add Service Hooks - POST to an external URL after changes to records

    Ruby 5 5

  6. Public

    Fat Free CRM website

    JavaScript 4 13


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