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Available Plugins

The following is the list of Fat Free CRM plugins hosted at Github.
Please contact individual plugin authors for support information.

Fat Free CRM’s plugin architecture has been rewritten to follow Rails 3 style railties plugins. The following are examples of plugins that have been written to incorporate the new way. Older plugins that rely on ‘vendor/plugins’ no longer work. (They are listed in the second table.)

Plugin Description
ffcrm_service_hooks Adds the ability to send service hooks when content changes
ffcrm_crowd Adds crowd authentication to Fat Free CRM
ffcrm_mingle Integrates Mingle into Fat Free CRM
ffcrm_merge Adds the ability to merge one entity into another of the same type
ffcrm_app An example for how to write an app that includes Fat Free CRM as an engine
ffcrm_project_management A project management solution for Fat Free. Requires Time Tracking Plugin
ffcrm_time_tracking A time tracking plugin for Fat Free. Requires project management plugin
ffcrm_google_oauth2 Google OAuth2 Support for Fat Free CRM

See Creating-a-plugin for details about how to create a plugin from scratch.

Older plugins that work on Fat Free CRM v0.10.x

Plugin Description Depends on
crm_cats Adds categorization support to all major Fat Free CRM models
crm_customfields Add any type of field to any existing model on the fly. (This plugin is ‘under development’, so please consider using crm_super_tags instead)
crm_export Export contacts as csv.
crm_filters_management Adds a section to launch and delete current filters for all models.
crm_google_account_settings Enables configuration of google account in user profile, for use in other plugins.
crm_google_calendar Put/Edit/Delete events for tasks with due date. gcal4ruby gem, crm_google_account_settings plugin, Fat Free Crm >= 0.9.10
crm_highrise_importer Highrise Importer plugin for Fat Free CRM
crm_invoices Basic ability to track and ledger invoices.
crm_issues Work in sync with a regular bug tracking application (such as Lighthouse, trac or Bugzilla)
crm_merge Merge duplicate contacts and accounts.
crm_products Adds an admin panel to create/edit/delete a list of products that will be available to campaigns and opportunities as a multi-select.
crm_salesforce_importer Simple way to import data from mapped sources. (Initially just for SalesForce → Fat Free CRM)
crm_sample_plugin Example plugin: controller and view callback hooks.
crm_sample_tabs Example plugin: demonstrates how to add new custom tabs to Fat Free CRM.
crm_super_tags Adds customizable fields to a tag. These fields are shown on the edit form for the model. crm_tags plugin
crm_supervised_mailings Supervised mass-mailing app for FatFreeCrm.
crm_tags Adds tagging support to all major Fat Free CRM models.
crm_web_to_lead Example callback hook to capture lead data submitted from remote form.
ffcrm_ldap Plugin which allows your users to authenticate using LDAP.