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Customize the task categories

Nathan Broadbent edited this page Feb 29, 2012 · 5 revisions

Customizing the task categories

There is currently no way of updating the task categories through the web interface to Fat Free CRM.

The default task categories are defined in the config/settings.default.yml file,
and should be copied to config/settings.yml if you need to change them.

The default settings are as follows:

  :call          : Call
  :email         : Email
  :folowup       : Follow-up
  :lunch         : Lunch
  :meeting       : Meeting
  :money         : Money
  :presentation  : Presentation
  :trip          : Trip

You can customize the task categories by editing this list of key/value pairs. The key is what is saved with the task record in the database, and this should be lowercase letters. The value is what is displayed to human users, so mixed case and hyphens are acceptable. The file format is .yaml, which requires that you define each key/value pair on a new line, with two leading spaces (not a tab character).

After making any changes to the config/settings.yml file, you will need to restart Fat Free CRM.

Note that if you delete a task category, and there are already tasks in the database which use that category, then they may not display correctly in Fat Free CRM.