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Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I setup Fat Free CRM in production mode?

Run the following from the command prompt:

$ RAILS_ENV=production && rake ffcrm:setup

How do I run Fat Free CRM in production mode?

When using Mongrel web server launch it using the following command:

$ ruby script/server -e production

or for Rails 3.0+

$ rails server -e production

When running with Apache web server and Phusion Passenger (also known as mod_rails) set RailsEnv production in httpd.conf file. See Passenger User’s Guide for more details.

How do I change tab title, such as “Accounts” to “Affiliates”?

  • Copy the :tabs hash from config/settings.default.yml to config/settings.yml
  • Change the :text key to your desired string.

For example, to rename the accounts tab to “Affiliates”, you would change the following line:

  { :active: false, :text: :tab_accounts, :url: {:controller: "accounts" } },

to this:

  { :active: false, :text: "Affiliates", :url: {:controller: "accounts" } },

How do I successfully upgrade without losing all the data that I’ve created?

First off, make backup copy of your database:

$ mysqldump -u username -p -d fat_free_crm_production > fat_free_crm_production.sql

If you are upgrading from the Rails 2.x version of Fat Free CRM, you will need to upgrade
your database schema:

$ rake db:schema:upgrade

Run migrations to bring database up to date:

$ rake db:migrate

Look at the default configuration file (config/settings.default.yml) to see if you need to
copy and change any settings in config/settings.yml.

How to install Fat Free CRM on an existing database?

Don’t forget to backup your data first… this option may not work and could break your database.

The default “rake ffcrm:setup” does several things:

  • Runs the required fat_free_crm database migrations
  • Runs any plugins migrations (though on Rails 3.2 this is no longer necessary)
  • Runs the ‘ffcrm:setup:admin’ task

This is effectively the same as

rake db:migrate:reset ffcrm:setup:admin

The “rake db:migrate:reset” command will destroy your database before installing Fat Free CRM. However, if you want to preserve your existing data and install Fat Free CRM on top of it, you can try running the migrations without destroying your database using:

rake db:migrate ffcrm:setup:admin

The Fat Free CRM schema is quite large (see config/schema.db), so if there are any clashes then you may well have trouble getting it to work. Please note there is not much we can do to help you if this happens!