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Leads can be used for documenting specific leads (a lead is a contact for potential business). At the top are fields for the leads name and basic contact information. Beneath that are the expandable sections “Status”, “Contact Information”, “Web Presence”, and “Permissions”.

Create Leads

Status contains fields for specifying whom the lead is assigned to, the leads current status, the source for the lead, the rating, and the campaign(if any) that the lead is associated with.

Contact Information is used to expand upon the basic contact information used at the top of the page, with additional information such as the leads title, mobile number, company, alternative email, address, and who they were referred by.

Web Presence is used to document the leads presence on the internet. Here is where one would put information such as the leads Facebook, website/blog, Twitter, and linkedIn information.

On the left side of the leads model is a search box and a few check boxes, used for filtering list of leads.