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Loading Demo Data

You can test drive Fat Free CRM by loading sample records that are generated
on the fly and mimic the actual use. IMPORTANT: loading demo data will delete all the
existing data.

To load the demo data, simply run the following command:

   $ rake ffcrm:demo:load

Among other things, the demo generator creates 8 sample user records with the
following usernames: aaron, ben, cindy, dan, emily, frank, george,
and heather. You can login with any of these names using the name as password.

You can reset the database and reload demo data at any time by using:

   $ rake ffcrm:demo:reload

Running The App

Now you should be able to launch the Rails server and point your web browser
to http://localhost:3000

   $ ./script/server

For Developers

Fat Free CRM can be customized by implementing callback hooks and extended by
creating Rails Engines plugins. Check out these sample repositories demonstrating
the concepts: