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Tasks is a model used for managing assignments. They allow the user to set deadlines, and assign them to other users. These can be defined during the setup of the CRM.

Create Task

Once created, the user can associate a task with a contact, an account, a lead, an opportunity, and a campaign. By documenting tasks, users can keep track of where they are in the sales process, and let other team members collaborate.

Documenting Task

Created tasks can be viewed in the task model of the CRM, and are listed by priority of completion, with more imminent tasks at the top (ASAP is in red, Today is in green, Tomorrow and Next Week are in gray, etc…). To mark a task as completed, simply click the check box next to it in the task queue. (NOTE: A user can only mark their own tasks as completed, and thus, to complete tasks, the user must view the “Pending” filter, covered in the next section). Also visible on the task tracking model is a keyword to the left of the individual task, describing the nature of the task, such as “trip” or “lunch”.

Task Filters

After creating tasks, they can be viewed in the task model of the CRM, the same window the user sees prior to creating them. On the left side of the screen, there is a filter window. This window has three tabs: “Pending”, “Assigned”, and “Completed”. These filters determine which tasks are displayed in the model to the right. Pending displays several options pertaining to the tasks that have yet to be completed, but are assigned to the user. These options have check boxes next to them, and the user can filter the pending tasks by selecting one or more of these boxes. Assigned works much the same way, but only displays tasks that have been assigned to others. Completed shows tasks that have been marked as completed, and they can be filtered based on when they were finished.