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A python library for parsing and displaying SVG files using opengl, with a focus on being usable for games.


    import glsvg

    # initialize opengl context
    # ...

    # load svg file
    svg_doc = glsvg.SVGDoc(filename)

    # draw svg file



  • PyOpenGL

Supported game libraries:

  • PyGame
  • Pyglet

Supported SVG features:

  • All SVG path commands (arc/curves/lines/etc.)
  • Basic SVG shapes (rectangle, ellipse)
  • Per-Pixel Linear and Radial Gradients
  • Parsable color names
  • Variable line widths and miter/bevel joints

SVG Features In Progress:

  • SVG patterns
  • SVG effects (Drop shadow, blur, etc.)
  • More sophisticated line effects (patterns, arc joints, etc.)

Likely to be not supported:

  • Animation
  • Text (this would be likely to require too many extra dependencies for fonts, but an easy workaround is to convert text objects to paths in your editor, ie Inkscape or Illustrator)
  • CSS based style tags


Based on the squirtle mini-library by Martin O'Leary: